Monday, June 20, 2011



A few weeks ago, while Crystal and the Trioux were at her parents house, Crystal called me and told me that Addi said she wanted to pee-pee and was ready to possibly start potty training her.  In my mind, I am thinking that they are not even two yet, and didn't think they were ready.  I went along with Crystal and let her go get a potty for them.

I am going to preface this story with the fact that I have not read the first thing about potty training and to tell you the truth, it terrifies me just thinking about potty training three two year olds!  So, this weekend, while Crystal was at the hospital visiting my mom, Addi walked up to me and said "Pee-Pee" and pointed at her private.  I asked her if she had to pee-pee and she said yes.  I told her to go to the potty and she walked to the front bathroom where her potty was and lifted the lid.  She started pulling at her shorts and I did not know what to do.  Don't laugh at me, but I just pulled her shorts down, diaper still on, and sat her on the potty.  She sat there for a good few minutes, as Kate was trying to push her off, and finally said she was done.  I got her up, put her shorts on and let her play.

I thought everything was good and was actually blown away at what happened.  A few minutes later, she walked up to me again and pointed and said "Pee-Pee."  I asked her again if she had to pee-pee and she started walking to the bathroom again.  This time, I took her shorts and diaper off and sat her on the potty.  I felt that her diaper was wet this time.  OOPS!  I messed that one up!  Lesson learned.  Next time, take it off when she tells you she has to go!!!

I am pretty surer Addi is ready for it, but I am not sure about the other two.  Kate could probably do it, but I don't think Jack is anywhere ready yet.  It kinda scares me to potty train them at different times, but not sure if Addi can wait.  Anyone out there with suggestions, please don't hesitate.

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  1. I would just put them on thé potty at spécificité moments in thé day Like just béfore you dress t hem in thé morning, infact every time you change their nappies sit them down with Some books to read