Monday, January 31, 2011



Yes, today is my birthday! I am officially half way to 70! Kinda scary when you think about it like that. I did get to celebrate this weekend with a few good cigars, some cold beer and some man time out at my Big Green Egg. Best of all, Crystal and my mom surprised me with my favorite, a German Chocolate Cake from Edgars Bakery!!! THE BEST CAKE IN BIRMINGHAM!!!

Birthday Cake "after"

Not quite the most eventful birthday today. Had to work all day and Crystal has to work late on Grand Jury, so I had the kids to myself tonight. As I write this, I am eating a leftover pulled pork (one I smoked this weekend!) sandwich and getting ready to go to bed at 8:30! What an exciting life!!!

Here is my little Addi standing so tall and so proud of herself!



Luckily for us, the Trioux was on the mend on Sunday! They were all feeling much better, so we used opportunity to do A LOT of work around the house. The women folk cleaned ALL of the inside of the house, and the men folk worked on the outside of the house. We got our room, the laundry room, the sun room and the garage all put together! This place is really starting to feel like a home. I really think the kids are getting used to it and truly love the wide open spaces.

Addi - "Does this pose make me look taller?"
Looks like Jack locked his sisters in!

Kate found her way out

On another note, Kate took her first face plant on the concrete outside! She is a tough one though. (Yes, that's mashed taters)


Great Weekend! Bad Trioux Day!

Crystal's parents and my mom came into town this weekend. It is always a fun weekend when we all get together. It is usually filled with grilling out, having a few adult beverages, a few cigars, some serious work around the house and fun with the Trioux. We hit all of the above except for the last one. On Friday afternoon, the daycare called and said Jack was not feeling well and puked a few times and had some bad diapers. He seemed fine when my mom went and got him so we proceeded to dinner. After dinner, Kate started to have the same symptoms and by Saturday, all three seemed to have some sort of stomach bug. We didn't have any more puke, but some REALLY BAD diapers.

To help them try to settle a little we gave them plenty of yogurt. Kate and Jack did not want to be fed, so we gave them a spoon and they went to town!!! Jack had to be helped a little more, but really made a good effort. We couldn't leave the container in front of him because it would have been all over the kitchen!
Kate did such a great job! She is really starting to get pretty good and putting things on a spoon and feeding herself.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around and playing on their new "kidnappers" for school.

Addi loves her cape
Kate is really starting to look like a little girl.
Jack is just plain silly!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Kate loves her some pasta! This is not the greatest set because it was taken on my iPhone, but at least you get the idea. Just too tired to say a whole lot tonight so enjoy and will catch up more later in the weekend.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Monkey Business


Parental Guidance Suggested for the following post!!!

If you or someone you know is offended by suggestive pictures, please turn your head or close this browser. I can not be responsible for the following image that you will see. I am releasing myself of any and all liability for the offensive nature of this image.

OK, with all the legal jargon out of the way, thanks legal council (Crystal), I can move on to this post.

This picture was taken as is. No Photoshop. No staging. Nothing! This is exactly how the Trioux left them before they went to bed tonight.


Man, (I mean boy), VS. Mac-N-Cheese

Jack is what you might call a "carbivore!" In other words, he takes after his father (ME) and loves him some carbs. Besides the generic carb foods that include pancakes and biscuits, he LOVES mac-n-cheese. It is probably his favorite food. To him it is a food group in of it self. He knows exactly what it is when we start cooking it for dinner and he seems to make this mischievous laugh when he figures out that we are making it. Once he gets started, he devours any and all mac-n-cheese that is put in front of him! He is a machine. I am so proud.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Well, I became a part of the "economically viable" group of people today! In other words, I started my new job today. Ironically enough, I am working in the same field that I was in when we left Daphne, just for a smaller company. If today is going to be any indication of what it's going to be like, I think I am going to like the change of pace. Only time will tell, but I am hoping that it will be a good move in the long run for me.

Tonight's installment personifies Kate's personality; GO BIG OR GO HOME! She has two speeds, stop & go!

Questions for my blog readers: Do any of you out there have a child the just seems to HATE to go to sleep? Addi seems to be that child. No matter if you rock her to sleep, let her stay up till she (or us) is miserable, the second you lay her down, she screams and cries. She only lasts for about 15 or 20 minutes, but it is heartbreaking. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, she will wake up and do the exact same thing. We just let her cry it out because not matter if we soothe her or not, she will end up crying in the end before she passes out. Please tell me if we are crazy or if any of you have a similar experience.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Queen of the Castle

As you can tell, Kate is the unspoken leader of the Trioux. From day one, she seems to be the one that rules the roost around here. Not only is she the leader and the one that makes the rules, she is also the first one to come to the aid of the other two and be the nurturing one. It is very sweet to watch, but make no mistake, she is the queen of the castle.

Below are some from tonight before bed. Enjoy...

Monday, January 24, 2011


Today was a pretty big day in the Trioux's routine. They started their new daycare today. Crystal and I both took them in today and will probably do the same tomorrow. We dropped them off and stayed for a few minutes, but did not want to stay too long so they would get into their new routine without any major issues. They seemed to do pretty well when we left, so we felt pretty good. Crystal and I both called and checked on them and apparently, they ate very well and played very well with the other kids. I think this daycare is going to work out pretty well.

On another note, I took my drug screen today and I should start my new job on Wednesday! It is so amazing how this opportunity practically fell in my lap. I will go into more detail later, but lets just say, I will be doing the same thing I was before, but just for a smaller company. I am excited about the new challenge.

Here is a quick picture that I took after I got home from picking them up. As you can see, they love to look out the glass door to the sun room. I know, Jack does not have any pants on! It is for only one reason, he had a messy diaper by the time we got home, and I did not feel like putting his jeans back on him

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Jammies

When I checked the mail yesterday, I was surprised with a late Christmas present for the Trioux. My dear sweet cousin Jenny sent the Trioux some new jammies from Old Navy. As you can see below, they LOVE them!! Thanks again Jenny!!! We love you!

One thing that I can say about Jenny is that she is a true inspiration for all! She has been through so much and become such a strong woman. I have seen her grow so much through the past few years and I am so very proud of her. Please take a minute and check out her story. I promise that you will be inspired after reading her blog

Thank you again Jen! I hope you don't mind the link.

The Winsteads


Hamburger Night

Today was a very productive day around the Boudreaux household, and we got a lot done. While Crystal was gone to work for a little while, I got all the laundry together and started. I did learn one very important lesson while doing all this said laundry, don't leave the FULL bottle of industrial size liquid detergent on top of the washing machine! It seems as though those machines tend to shake a lot and can move anything that is on top of them. Needless to say, when I went to change over the laundry, the detergent had fallen on the floor, top first and busted ALL over the floor, almost 3/4 of the bottle!!! Other than that, it was a great day around here. Crystal and I even got to take a good nap when she got home from work.

After our good nap, I was able to get out and take a well needed break outside with my Big Green Egg. I had an ice cold beer, a good cigar and proceeded to grill some burgers for the family. As you can see below, the Trioux loves them some burgers!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today we decided to get the Trioux out of the house and head to the grocery store. Here in Oneonta, the choices are a little limited. You have the ever present Wal-Mart and the little local joint, The Hometown Market. While I love Wal-Mart, where else can you get EVERYTHING you would ever need here in the country, I have always believed that their meat and produce are a little on the suspect side. The "Dads" and I have been to the Hometown Market and only one word can describe that experience, GOUGE!!! I guess the people that own said market know for a fact that they are really the only game in town for some products and feel that they can charge whatever the hell that want to for food. I will say one good thing about the place, we got some ribeyes from there the one time we went there (I think we paid three arms, two legs and the Trioux's early college fund), and they were some of the best cuts of meat that I have had in quite some time!

So today Crystal and I decided to make the thirty minute drive and go to the be all end all of grocery stores, Publix! Well, okay maybe not holy grail of grocery, but our favorite nonetheless. We took the triple wide stroller and the kids were amazing. Everyone there loved them and they were pretty well behaved. It wasn't until we got them in the car to leave that I realized that I had not taken a single picture of our little adventure so here is what we have...

I have one question for all my blog readers: Do you think I need to do something different with the Title of each post and just put the date at the beginning of the entry? I am not sure I like the whole dated title thing. Please let me know what you think.

Friday, January 21, 2011


WOW!!! I can not believe that I am finally caught up with the blog! I know it took a few days, but it feels good to almost be at a point where I can keep up with our daily lives. Just in time no less, since I start work early next week. When I start work it will really get interesting trying to find new a different ways to capture the Trioux without repeating too much. I can honestly say that for the first 21 days, I have not had to cheat at all!!! I am pretty proud of myself to say the least.

After breakfast, while I was cleaning up the kitchen, the Trioux were actually playing pretty nicely and getting along. I looked in on them and this is what I saw. I can't believe of all the places that my little monkeys would be, it would be in the bookshelf, under the sock monkeys. This is exactly how I found them...

With a little maneuvering, this is the best I was able to come up with by myself. Pretty good if I say so myself.


Needless to say, this has been a long week as a stay at home dad! Hopefully the kids will start regular daycare on Monday and I will start my new job on Tuesday. I must say, I have always had a great deal of respect for stay at home parents, especially parents of multiples, but now I have a greater respect and admiration for those!!! You all are my heroes! Especially my fellow triplet dads out there (no offense ladies)!

After four days in the house and everyone (including me) going stir crazy, I decided to try my hand at getting the Tioux out of the house by myself and take them to Sam's. Mind you, in their 17 months of existence, I have NEVER taken them out somewhere by myself! To be honest, I have always been a little scared to. I figured, they would conspire against me and do something to undermine my SuperDad status. But this time, I knew I HAD to get them out. It was a matter of life or death!!! Well, not really, but we needed a change of scenery.

The hardest decision that I had to make was what to put them in to wear on our little adventure. I wanted them to look good, but also be warm and be in something that would be easy to change in case we had a surprise poopy! I went with their Osh Kosh overalls. And I thought they looked great!

I waited until after lunch and and their long morning nap. I took the triple wide mountain buggy stroller so I could push it and pull the shopping cart. Believe it or not, that trip was a PIECE of CAKE!!! We were in and out in no time. Everyone in the store was amazed to say the least, not that there were triplets, but that Dad was running them around unassisted! Just kidding, not sure what most of them thought, because I kept my head down and eyes straight ahead as to not waste and time! It was fun though and will give me the confidence to do it again by myself.

Here are a few shots of what I had them in:

I just love this picture of Jack. He looks so tiny!

Handsome little Man

Sweet little Addi

Wide open Kate

My little Osh Kosh Trioux


Almost caught up!!!

What our living room has looked like since I have been home operating "Daddy Daycare!"

Can you tell it's bath night?


Two little sleepy heads laying on the couch!

My little snuggle bug Kate


Addi gets on this kick where she sticks her tongue out all the time and shows it off.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Jack needs to go back to driving school
Jack: "Ok girls, time for me to go for a ride and rip this living room up!"
Kate: "Hold on chief, let me make sure your four wheeler is fit to drive."
Addi: "Looks good to me Jack!"

Kate: "Let me give you a little push start Mario Jack."

Jack: "Look out Big Al!!! Coming thru!"

Jack: "Better check this out a little."

Jack: "Hold on Big Al, I am going to try and rescue you!"
Kate: "I'll get the bandages and first aid kit ready brother."

Kate: "Is it ok Jack? Can Big Al be saved?"
Jack: "Uh oh! This can't be good! Please tell me this won't be on my driving record. This should be a commercial for Mr. Mayhem!"