Monday, February 28, 2011


18 MONTHS!!!!

So, the Trioux is 18 months old today and this is the best I could come up with! I will have a better post in the coming days, but this is about as much as I could muster tonight! Here are two shots from dinner tonight. Please notice the spots on the window between Jack and Kate. Those are not moths outside. It is food that Jack decided he didn't want!






I can not be held responsible for the cuteness that follows! The cute factor is OFF THE CHARTS!!! Words can not describe the cuteness below...



For many of you that know me personally, you have probably been guessing how long it was going to take for me to get a set of golf clubs into the Trioux's hands. Well, I figured 18 months would be a pretty good age. Being a former teaching pro myself, I am going to try not to be one of "those dads" and force them to play a certain way and practice all the time, but I have to figure out a way to pay for college at some point.

The selection for kids these age is a little slim. I play left handed myself and was a little disappointed that there were no toddler lefty sets. I remember growing up feeling discriminated playing golf left handed and thought that things may have changed, but they haven't and I had to settle with a right handed set. There was not a very large selecting for shaft flex, driver lofts or length options, so I had to go with a stock off the shelf set. I think it will work for a little while and then we will weight our options later.

All kidding aside, we had a great time getting out in the spring air and enjoying a sunny Saturday afternoon! Enjoy

Thanks Dad! Now we can play like you!

Everyone gets a club and a ball

Addi gets a putter, Jack and iron and Kate the driver (fitting)
Jack getting his 7-iron out of the bag

"Is this the right club Dad? Or is it too much stick?"
"I think this is the right one!"
The next Bubba Watson
Great one piece take away!
Bring out the lumber!
A little closed coming back, but she has the hand coordination to square it back up.
Addi is the best putter of the three
Kind of reminiscent of old school Jack at the Masters
After golf, we went for a drive

Friday, February 25, 2011



So, as most of you have noticed, Kate has emerged to be the alpha in the tribe that is the Trioux. She is the leader and the aggressive one of the bunch. She can be mean as a snake sometimes, but also the most caring and kind all within minutes. She can steal toys away, laugh about it and run the other direction. But, she can also run and seek out Addi's paci to help her calm down if she gets upset about something. She is a very funny little lady, and it's never a dull moment with her around.

Another funny side to her is when you make her mad and she throws a temper tantrum. When she doesn't get her way and you upset her, it's like the world is coming to an end! She will scream and yell, and slap the ground with her hands. Standing up, she will lay her head on the ground. It is a little humorous to watch. I was actually able to document one of her tantrums. Enjoy...

Thursday, February 24, 2011



So in this crazy adventure we call Triplet parenthood, we have had a chance to meet some great triplet parents who are either at the same stage we are, or somewhat ahead or behind us. Between Facebook, Triplet Connection, and Blogspot, I have met close to a hundred or so other triplet families. It is pretty cool because we are a part of a large community that we can share info, war stories and help each other out. A while back, I started following one of the parents blogs that seemed very interesting and fun to see. The wife had a blog and the husband had one of his own. They were a true inspiration for us and were a huge wealth of information that really help us thru that first year. It was pretty cool to see the two different perspectives, from the mom side and the dad side, of daily life with triplets.

When I first started following them, I knew they lived in Birmingham and that the dad grew up in the same area I did so I knew we had a lot in common. The two of them also went to the same grad school that Crystal did so that made it even more interesting. Well, low and behold, when we decided to move up here late last year, we knew we would finally be able to meet them and hang out with them. We first went over and spent the afternoon with them when we came to town once to look for a house and had such a great time. It is SO AMAZING how much our three are similar to their three. They have two girls and a boy just like we do and they each have similar personalities.

Today I went and had lunch with the dad. We both work in the downtown area so it was real easy and convenient to meet. We met at a local sports bar, that is famous (at least I think so) for its burger. We had a great time catching up and trading stories about the craziness that is triplets. I probably could have spent the entire afternoon there trading stories and getting advice on making life easier, but had to get back to work. The waitress came by and asked if it was together or separate and we told her separate. When she came back with the checks, I reached for my wallet, and got the WORST feeling in the world!!! I realized that I left my wallet on my desk, back at the office! I felt like such a schmuck!!! Said dad, looked at me and was like "Did you really just pull the oldest trick in the book? That really sucks. Wish I could help." It was rather funny, but I still felt terrible. He took care of the check after I promised my next born, golf lessons, steak dinner at Flemings (ok, maybe that was a little much). To beat all, he still wanted to try and get the families together and hang out soon.

I know this was long winded way to say it, but thanks again Gary! Crystal and I are so glad that we have finally been able to meet you and Heather and are looking forward to getting our kids together and having some fun along the way!!!

"Is this the right instruction manual?"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011




Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Tonight, Crystal was very sick so daddy had to step in and do double duty. I sure hope she gets to feeling better because this is such a team sport (taking care of these three hoodlums), that it is a little rough to handle things by yourself, especially on bath night! After dinner we try to get them to finish their milk on their new stools so they are not spilling milk all over the house. They seem to be getting better at sitting there and not running off, except for Kate that is. She still thinks that she can do whatever she wants and runs off laughing.

I wish that I could say I read to them every night, but I don't. Tonight I decided to get in their chair and read them their favorite story: "Three Little Sleepy Heads." Kate has been fascinated with this book for the last six months. She is always carrying it around and wants anyone to read it to her. She loves it so much that sometimes at night, I can tell her, "go get sleepy heads," and she runs and finds it wherever. We had a great night and they are getting to be SO much fun!

Monday, February 21, 2011





So, for the first time since I started this project, I forgot to take a picture of the Trioux! To make it worse, it is Sunday and I should have NO excuse. Well, to make up for it, I was able to go back and find one that was taken exactly one year ago on 02/20/2010. I am thinking about doing this once in a while just to see how far they have come and to change things up every now and then.

Look how far they have come! They have grown so much and become little people in that little amount of time.



Gonna be a little short on this one, because I have so many pictures. It was a beautiful warm weekend so we got the kids out and had a great time in the yard. My mom found a used Little Tikes Cozy Car and the Trioux LOVED it! Especially Addi. Enjoy!

Little Man and his Car
Little Man let sissy take it for a spin
Our new milk stools grammy got us
We took the castle outside
Kate took the first spin
"I see you!"
"I see Buzz!"
"Let me drive this thing!"
"I can't go backward or forward. GET OUT OF MY WAY!"
"Move over Jack, its my turn."
"Nope, not while I'm in here."
"Keep it moving here!"
"Let me give you a hand Addi."
"Good, the evil sisters are trapped!"
"Don't run over her Kate."
I know this is an awkward picture, but I love it!
Sweet Addi
"Thank you brother."