Friday, February 19, 2010

One Year Ago...

I have been trying to come up with something all week to report, but there really is not a whole lot to report this week. We have settled into a pretty good routine with the Trioux over the last few months. They have been getting up like clockwork around 6:45 every morning. Except this last weekend, where for some reason or another they ALL slept till almost 8:00! It was VERY strange. I woke up scrambling trying to get their bottles made because they are supposed to feed at 7:30. Oh well, a little late will never hurt! The typical routine is Addi is the first to actually wake around 6:00 or so. We get her up and into her swing where she goes back to sleep until 7:00 or so. Then Jack wakes up about 6:30. I usually get him and stick him in our bed while we get ready for work. He is so content laying in our bed watching us. Kate is ALWAYS the last to get up. I think she wakes up around 7:00, but likes to just hang out in her crib being quiet. It is the greatest sight in the world when I go and get her. As soon as I round the corner and she seems me, her face lights up with the biggest smile I have ever seen! It will melt anyone!!!

The only major change that has occurred over the last week or so is Addi. As most of you know, poor Addi suffers from pretty severe acid reflux (no idea where she got that from, as I swallow my own Zantac!). As a result, we have kept her swaddled up tightly in a miracle blanket and propped up in a boppy in her crib. Every so often she would wiggle her way down flat and wake herself and half the house up. All we had to do was go in and prop her back up. Most times she wouldn’t even wake up fully. Here lately, there have been times I go in there at night and she has wiggled almost out of her blanket. I didn’t think much of it and just propped her back up. Well, must to my surprise, one morning, I walked in to get Jack out of his crib and low and behold, Addi is flat on her back, with her arms practically waiving at me! It was actually pretty funny. Somehow she figured out how to get out of her straight jacket! My little Houdini! This happened three mornings in a row! Funny thing was that she was not upset or pissed. She seemed more comfortable. So last weekend we took everything out of her crib and started laying her down just like Kate and Jack. The first few nights, she ended up in her swing, but after three nights, she made it all the way until morning! **sniff..sniff** My little girl is growing up! She seems to be much happier and goes to sleep much easier this way!

Now back to the title of this post. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of that fateful day we found out there were three little Boudreaux’s cooking in the oven! It is so hard to believe that it was that long ago. That is a day that I will never forget. It was our FIRST ultrasound after finding out we were pregnant. We had a pretty good idea that it might be twins, between the Follistem and the fact that both of Crystal’s parents are fraternal twins, but we had no idea what was in store for us. I was actually pretty excited about the idea of twins. Luckily our favorite ultrasound tech came in that day just to do our ultrasound because she was so excited that we had finally gotten pregnant. When she started looking I was soooo nervous. By this time, we had been through so many ultrasounds that I could pretty much pick out her anatomy. When she started, she found two sacs pretty quickly and all of us were very excited. She then backed up a little and said, and I will never forget this, hang on a second, let me look at that again. She got real quiet and then a huge grin came over her face. She looked up and said, well, here is A, here is B, and surprise, here is C! I had been standing the entire time and needless to say, I slumped back into my chair and my jaw hit the floor!!! Crystal didn’t say a word! I think I started to tear up a little. Not sure if I was happy, sad, terrified, excited, or what. Possibly all rolled into one. Of course the doctor told us to not stay set on the fact that we will end up with three. He really thought that one would be lost. Deep in the back of my mind I always knew that we would end up with The Trioux. When we left the doctors office we got in the car and called the grandparents. Of course they were screaming and hollering. We were still in shock though and really couldn’t speak. I think the greatest quote the entire time came from my boss when I came to work that morning. He said to me “Brian, I am shocked you came in this morning. If it would have been me to find out I was having triplets, I would have gone straight to the bar!!!”

All that being said, I LOVE MY LIFE with triplets! They are the single greatest joy in my life and I would not trade it for the world!

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. There are more pictures of Jack in this update, but next update will be a different baby.
The Trioux visiting daddy at work

"Ladybug" Addi

"Turtle" Jack

"Ladybug" Kate

Everyone chillin watching the Olympics

I think we have a thumb sucker!!!

Jack sucking his thumb

Blonde Jack

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Geaux Saints!

Last week had the potential to be a very long week at the casa de Boudreaux. Without going into to much detail, Crystal is what we would call a public official. She has a pretty stressful job, but one that she loves. Under normal circumstances, she leaves the house when I do, about 7:00 and is home shortly after I get home, about 5:30. For about a week and a half of every other month, Crystal has to work some very long hours. In the past, before the Trioux came along, it was no big deal at all! It just meant that I had to eat alone and chill with the dogs. Well, now that we have three infants everything is a little tougher. What makes it even worse is their schedule. Their bath time is at 7:00, with feeding following that and they are in bed no later than 8:00. Well, with her crazy work week, it had the potential of being a VERY long week for me! I was fully prepared to do everything by myself. Well, as it turns out, Monday was the only day that I had to bathe them by myself. All other nights Crystal was able to get home just in time for bathing, albeit extremely exhausted. I am so proud of Crystal for how hard she works and is still able to come home and take care of the kids. She is my hero!

The weekend went pretty well. We had a great time hanging out with the kids. Saturday, I took little man Jack around with me to run errands. It is VERY strange taking one baby with you. I am sure some of you other triplet parents experienced this early on as well. When you take three somewhere, you might as well be carrying a neon sign that says “HEY LOOK AT US, WE ARE THE CIRCUS SIDESHOW!!” I am not going to lie, taking one baby out makes you miss the attention some what. When you have one, nobody really gives you a second look. Last weekend we took the babies to Publix with us and had a ball. We were the talk of the store! When we went to check out, we had one of the baggers actually come up and unload our cart onto the conveyor and then load our cart back up. She then followed us out to the car and unloaded all the groceries into the Tahoe! I don’t think that would have happened if I just had Jack with me! LOL!

Then came Superbowl Sunday!!! This year we decided to not have a party at all. I wanted to cheer on my Saints and watch the game in peace. I made a pot of chili, some Rotel dip, and stocked the fridge with some Abita Amber. My dad came over and we had a blast watching the game. This is the first year that I can actually say I saw the ENTIRE game and all the commercials. It worked out perfectly! In fact, bath time came at half time so I didn’t have to watch the AWFUL performance of The Who! In the end I almost woke up the babies screaming and hollering at the Saints actually winning the Superbowl!!! I had the Boudreaux Trioux yelling “Geaux Saints!”

Now to some pics from the week:
Jack going with daddy to run errands (he is such a ham)

Camera hog Jack

Addi loves her jumper

Another Addi jumper

"Lean on me, when your not strong"

Big Girl Kate

Watching mommy and daddy act silly

Starting to sit like big babies (sorry for the blurr, best one I could find)

Kate - She is trying to get those knees under her

Gaggle of Babies??

Circle of Babies

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Months!!!

It is very hard to believe that the Trioux are now five months old. It seems like yesterday we were still living in the hospital trying to stretch for each and every day. The last five months have simply flown by. Looking back it is just a blur. I have been trying very hard to enjoy every minute that I can because they will never be at this stage again, but sometimes I am guilty of thinking to myself, “I can’t wait until they can…” Well, now they are starting to… It is so amazing how much they change each and every day. Not anything major, but just subtle changes in their behavior and learned movements. As I have said before, all three are doing things very differently and at different paces.

Kate is still leading the way vocally, but all three are “talking” up a storm. Jack has really started to become more talkative over the last few weeks. Addi on the other hand has been the one to experiment more with her “talking.” She seems to be the one that will say the first word. She has really been working on her vowels pretty well and seems to have the biggest “vocabulary,” if that is at all possible.

All three are turning from stomach to back pretty well. Addi is a little slower than the other two. She gets more pissed off than anything else when on her tummy. Kate is definitely the most determined one to roll, but I think Jack will be the first to roll from back to stomach. He just can’t seem to put all the parts together to accomplish it. Kate on the other hand is definitely going to be the first to crawl. She has the movements to do it and has been able to scoot a little, but just can’t piece it all together to move.

We are now on a four hour schedule with all three eating at least 6-8 ounces per feeding. They are also on rice cereal twice a day after their mid day bottles. We have also started them on bananas as well. Jack was the first to take the spoon with any regularity. Kate was slow to take it, but once we added the bananas, she was all about it (girl after daddy’s heart). Just in the last week Addi has started to show some interest in eating from the spoon. At first she HATED it!!! We are pleased with their progress so far on the solid foods.

Now onto our poor little Addi. She has had a pretty rough time over the last month or so. Her reflux has really started to act up. Poor thing is in so much pain sometimes it almost brings me to tears. No matter how she is held, she cries. It is not all the time, but when it comes be prepared. The only thing that seems to soothe her is her swing. I did get the ok from her doctor yesterday to increase her Zantac, so hopefully that will help. She is the sweetest and most adorable thing but when she gets going, she sounds like a pissed off cat!!!

Now on to what you came here for… The pictures.
Addi, Jack, Kate (5 months)

Addi, Jack, Kate (5 months)

Our newly renovated dining room.

Feeding time at the ZOO! Test driving our new highchairs.

Wathcing our 2nd team, The Cowboys (Thanks PawPaw)

The whole crew looking sharp (Kate, Jack, Addi)

Such sweet sisters (Kate & Addi)

Addi and Kate getting ready for a day on the town

Big Daddy Jack

Sweet little Addi

Addi "Trust me, my moms a lawyer"

Jack "Trust me, my moms a lawyer"

Kate "Trust me, my moms a lawyer"

Addi passed out after one of her reflux fits

Finally, the most pitiful face (took 4 months to get this picture)