Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Really Late on This!!

Okay, so I am WAYYY behind on this! Our babies were born on August 28, 2009 at 12:00, 12:01 & 12:01. This also happens to be my 29th birthday! It was amazing.
The night before, the nurses hooked me up to the monitors as usual. I fell asleep, crazily enough without any sleeping meds which was the first night in forever that that had happened. Brian was also asleep on the cot in my room. I woke up to several nurses in my room and a resident. Then they left and came back and said that my doctor had said to move me to labor and delivery so he could monitor me from home. Luckily at that point, my wonderful nurse gave me something to calm me down!! I was wheeled around to l & d and the night of hell began!! My l & d nurse was not very nice!! I was up all night!! Apparantly, during the monitoring, I had some contractions, lasting about 7-10 minutes each (as was the norm for me) and Jack and Addi reacted poorly to them. Addi's heartrate went to 215 and Jack fell to 55 and they stayed put the entire time. My doctor ordered the OR be set up in the middle of the night and told the nurses to get with the NICU to make sure everyone was ready just in case. All of our parents were called in the middle of the night and all drove and arrived by 7 a.m. It was insane! My doctor came by that morning and said that I had had no more contractions so we could make the decision to have the babies that morning or wait the next week for when our c-section was planned. We opted to go ahead and have the babies. In our minds, there was no way to know if this would happen again and the worrying was too much for me!!
So, the c-section was scheduled for 10:30 a.m. I walked in the OR around 11 and our beautiful babies were born right at noon. Addi was born at 12:00 weighing 4lb.2ou; Jack was born at 12:01 weighing 4lb.4ou.; and Kate was born at 12:02 weighing 4lb.1ou. Addi was on room air from the beginning and was carried to the NICU by one of the nurses. Jack was on room air but later was put on the C-pap for about 6 hours to give him a rest. Kate was put on C-pap in the OR and stayed on it for about 12 hours. I only got to see Jack in the OR. When the nurse put him on my shoulder he stuck his toungue out at me. It was the cutest thing ever!! I could see Kate to my left but Addi was in another room. All of our parents were outside the OR and saw the babies come by on the way to the NICU.
And this was the beginning of our NICU experience...