Friday, January 15, 2010

Doctor Visit and Being Home Alone

As you can see, it has been a little while since my last post, AGAIN! This is starting to become a bad habit! Sorry! Well, it has been a pretty crazy last week and a half. Just a quick summary:

We went to their 4 month check up last Tuesday and it is official: We have very short well proportioned babies!!! Neither of the three we even close to the growth chart in length. Mind you that is with no age adjustment. However, their weight to height is right around the 80% which I think is pretty good. Overall the doctor has told us not to change anything and to continue exactly what we were doing. She did give us the go ahead to start introducing rice cereal with a spoon into their diet. Will have another post dedicated to that one later. They are developing exactly as they should be.

Our beloved nanny Tammy had a pretty tough week last week also. She had been trying to fight off a wisdom tooth coming in for a few weeks. We were trying to get to the 21st so that Crystal’s parents could come down and stay with the babies so that Tammy could get her tooth taken care of and I would not have to take off from work. Well, things did not go to plan! Her husband called me EARLY Thursday morning and told me that it could not wait any longer. He told me that she was trying so hard to come to work but he had to step in and say no. That meant that daddy had to stay home for two days ALONE with the Trioux! I was pretty intimidated at first but when I actually did it, it was pretty fun. We watched TV, played, CRIED, ate, CRIED, played some more, CRIED, cooked dinner together, CRIED, and napped (them one at a time). Oh and did I mention CRY! Thursday was fine. Everyone did great. Friday was the day I almost lost my mind! Addi’s reflux was acting up very bad, Kate was teething like something fierce, and Jack did not want to lay down by himself. There was at least one baby crying at any given moment during the day! I didn’t eat lunch until 2:00 PM, didn’t brush my teeth until 2:30 and didn’t get a shower until later that night! I have a new found respect for all you out there that stay at home with your kids! As tough as it was though, I had so much fun and actually enjoyed it.

This past Tuesday was also a pretty interesting day. Monday afternoon Crystal informed me that she had to go to something for work and would not be home until around 8:30 or 9:00. Normally this would not be a problem. I would do their 6:00 feed by myself and then wait fro her to get home to bathe, feed and put to bed at 9:00. Well, this past weekend we changed them to a 4 hour feed schedule and took out the 9:00 bottle. Now they feed at 7:30, 11:30, 3:30 and then final feed at 7:30. So now I was left to do it all by myself!!! Again, I was a little intimidated but pulled thru just fine. Got all three bathed, fed and off to bed and only 30 minutes late! Not to bad if I say so myself.

Now for just a little update on each of the Trioux:


Our sweet and fussy little Addi. She has been the one with the most stomach problems. She has some pretty severe reflux going on. Right now she is on Enfamil AR and Zantac twice a day. Some days are good and some are very bad. Her bad days really tear me up! I hate so much to listen to her cry in pain. When she is not being affected by her reflux, she is one of the sweetest things on earth! She has the most beautiful little smile and little laugh. For the longest time she was WAY behind in the weight department. She was always at least two pounds less than Kate. Not any more! She has almost completely caught up to Kate. She is our little feisty one!


Jacks skin seems to be getting a little better. Poor guy has been fighting eczema for the last couple of months. He has all the typical red spots all over his body. The worst part is his scalp. He looks like an old man with really bad dandruff. We have started using baking soda in his bath and it seems to be helping. He is starting to really hate his swing and loves to be in the middle of everything. He is starting to show some signs of teething, but none of the pain yet. He has no interest yet in rolling over or being on tummy time, but in the middle of the night, he ends up on his side and all turned around in his crib. He does have one of the most infectious laughs I have ever heard. Once he gets going in is HILAROUS!


Kate is the epitome of happy baby! She is usually the one that laughs and smiles the most. She is also the most talkative lately. Sometimes I almost feel like I can have a complete conversation with her. Here lately though, she has been having a VERY rough time with teething. She has it pretty bad!!! Sometimes I will see her put her entire fist in her mouth trying to chew on it. It is pretty funny when she gets it there. Kate is leading the pack in firsts. She is the first to discover both sides of her hands and the first to roll from front to back. My money is on her to be the first to cut a tooth also. She is getting very strong and is showing that urge to try and crawl. We will see.

AS you can tell they are really growing and developing pretty fast. I am amazed everyday and the changes in them. You hear the old adage “they grow up so fast,” but you don’t believe it until you actually see it. I can remember when they were no bigger than a bag of flour. I am just trying to enjoy every minute of it! I love being a Triplet Dad!!!

Here are some more pictures of our life at home. One day I will update this blog and actually put pictures from our digital camera on here and not pics from my iPhone. It just so happens that I update this blog from work a lot of the time and those are the only pics I have available! (Don’t tell anyone about blogging at work!!! LOL)

Kate, Addi, Jack lined up ready for thier first rice cereal feeding!
Kate's not sure what to think about this whole thing.

Jack just chillin in his bouncy (notice the homemade step).

Brother and sister napping (Jack & Kate)

My FAVORITE picture of Addi

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reflection of the year that was 2009

“You never know how STRONG you are until being strong is the ONLY choice you have…”

WOW! If that doesn’t sum up the year 2009 for the Boudreaux family, I am not sure what would. What a life changing year it has been. Crystal and I went from a 2 person family with two dogs, a mortgage, student loans and no car payment, to the extreme opposite! I never thought my life could change so drastically in one year. It is AMAZING.

The beginning of last year is a stark contrast to the beginning of this year. This time last year we had been trying to have a baby for almost a year and a half. We had been getting very serious about it for about 6 months and started to see a fertility specialist. This was tough on both of us, but more so on Crystal. It really started to take its toll around the new year because nothing up to that point had seemed to work. Not to mention how much money we were spending. We had gone through the Clomid and started Follistem (for those of you that have taken that, you can attest to how expensive it is and for those who don’t, we met our prescription deductible in the first week of 2009). Financially it was VERY tough. We racked up some serious credit card debt quickly, but our doctor had a good feeling about it and so did we! I will never forget the day I think it happened. We had to go in for an ultrasound on a cold and rainy Sunday around the middle of January. Her numbers looked great and the doctor told us to take the trigger shot. Well as you can tell by now, it sure did work!!!

The beginning of February is when we actually found out we were pregnant. It was one of the happiest days of my life! I was actually boarding a plane for a business trip trying to get a hold of Crystal to find out if it was true. I had to wait until I landed in Dallas to find out. I will never forget when the text came across. I yelled in the plane and people cheered. It was like a scene out of a movie. Then about a month later we went in for our first ultra sound and our lives changed forever when we saw this…

Needless to say it was rather shocking when we saw that for the first time. We had no idea what we were in for, or how tough yet rewarding it was going to be. Like the quote says, I had no idea how strong I could be when I had to be. During this pregnancy, Crystal ended up in the hospital three times with major complications. Once for complications from the Follistem and twice for a cerclage. The final one landed her in the hospital for the duration of the pregnancy.

This was the hardest thing I had to do in my entire life. There were nights or mornings when I left the hospital that I would cry the entire 45 minute drive home wondering if I was strong enough to get through this. Watching Crystal become more and more miserable in the hospital nearly killed me. I wanted to be there with her all the time and help make her feel better. It took all I had to be the strong one in front of her to help give her strength and not show her the I was about to crumble, but I knew that was what I had to do. The last few weeks actually got a little easier. We had almost settled into a routine and were getting pretty comfortable.

The closer we got to Crystals birthday the more antsy I got. When we found out we were pregnant, we were given a due date of October 17th, which is a full term 40 week pregnancy. Well, as most of you know, the national average gestation for triplets is 33 weeks. Crystal’s birthday was one day shy of 33 weeks. From the beginning, I had a strong feeling that these kids would be here right around her birthday. I joked from the beginning that if it was her birthday, I would only have to remember two dates the rest of my life, their birthday and our anniversary. Well, that prediction came true! Two weeks after the doctor finally set a c-section date, the Trioux decided to give mommy the greatest birthday present ever, their arrival! By far the greatest moment of my entire life!!! Worth all the time driving and all the money spent. Nothing can compare to the feeling of having three lives in your hands!

Now that we have settled into our life at home, we could not be happier. There are many times I sit back and wonder what it would be like to only have one or two but all it does is make me appreciate the three of them more! I can’t imagine not having 6 little eyes looking up at me, or 30 little fingers grabbing for me. We do look forward to all the challenges that we will face over the next year. Should be fun and interesting!

Well on to 2010! I am going to try and start posting every other day or so. Today we have our 4 month appointment so I will have stats in the next few days. One thing that I can say about the last few days… TEETHING SUCKS!!! Especially times three!!!

Take care and until next time here are a few pics for your enjoyment.

Merry Christmas Mommy (Jack)

Little Addi after her bath

Jack being silly after his bath

Jack passed out in daddy's lap after a teething bout

Finally, daddy's Christmas present to the babies