Wednesday, June 1, 2011


While visiting the Grandparents in Georgia, we always have to visit our favorite little restaurant, Founders.  This is a wonderful restaurant only a few blocks from Keith and Paulette's house that we love very much.  Keith and Paulette have become quite the regulars there so we get a few privileges that some don't.  The Trioux have almost become their little mascots.

This is an amazing restaurant to say the least.  As their website shows, it is almost as if you were transported back in time when you walk into the place.  You feel like you are back in the 20's or 30's.  It has one of the coolest old wooden bars I have ever been to.  Their menu is second to none as well.  They pretty much anything and everything to please everyone.

We have such a good time every time we come here.  The staff is so accommodating to the Trioux.  All the servers are amazing with the kids and try to understand the challenge of trying to eat a nice dinner with three toddlers.  They had our table all set up and already had their dinner planned out.  Keith and I had a New York Strip and were actually allowed to go back and pick out or own steak!  We were treated like rock stars!  When it came time for all the food to come out, they Trioux were each served on their own little white plates.

If you are ever in the Atlanta area, I HIGHLY recommend stopping by the little town of Senoia and eating at Founders Restaurant & Bar!  Tell them em The Boudreaux Trioux sent ya!!!

Jack checking out the wine menu.  I told him he had a few more years until he could order from that one.

Addi wanted the star treatment

No, she didn't have any beer in that sippy!


Jack still can't figure out which hand he wants to eat with.

Kate just dug right in!

Daddy dancing with his little princesses.

I love my girls!

My sweet Kate Boo.

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