Friday, June 10, 2011



While I was cooking dinner, the Trioux decided they would get in a quick nine holes before dinner.  So far, Kate is our best little golfer.  She actually tries to hit the ball with her clubs.  Yes, I said clubs!  She has to carry two at a time, one to hit the ball and the other to bang on the ground.  Addi and Jack haven't quite caught on.  They will get it eventually.  I have to try and pay for college somehow!!! LOL!

On a side note, there is another Triplet Dad to be and family that needs our thoughts and prayers!  They are about 20 weeks along and have been diagnosed with TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation).  I can't imagine the choices and decisions that they are going to be faced with over the next few days, but want to wish them the best and let them know that they have a lot of prayers headed their way.

Kate going with the big stick off the carport!

Hopefully Addi can putt as good as her Paw Paw

"Can I get a drop from over here?"

Trioux Golf Cart (just need another car for their clubs)

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