Monday, June 13, 2011



It was another jot weekend so we got the Trioux pool out and let them enjoy.  While I cooked burgers on the Big Green Egg, the Trioux had their own fun splashing away in the pool.

Addi has come up with her own way to stay cool in the sun.  She gets on her stomach and will roll over to back and then back to her stomach.  She looks like an alligator trying to wrestle its prey in the water.  It is so funny to watch.  I caught it as best as I could below.

Beginning of the alligator roll

One her back know

Getting back to her stomach

And we have a successful alligator roll!

She laid like this for what seemed like ever.


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  1. those pics scared me TO DEATH! i guess i'm on the overprotective side. I don't think blaise's ears have ever even gone underneath the water! HA~!