Friday, June 3, 2011

05/29/2011 - Part 1


Before lunch and nap time, we got the Trioux outside and let them explore the grandparents garden.  They roamed around, mostly together, looking at everything.  Kate was fascinated by the big fountain and all of them loved climbing up and down the stairs to the front door.  After exploring the garden for a while, they checked out the two ponds and the goldfish.  It was all capped off with a rock hunting expedition in the driveway.  After lunch and a nap, we took them to the neighbors house and got in the big pool for the first time (next update).

Having fun around the fountain

"Anybody home?"

"How do we get out of here?"

Kate stood here by herself staring at the pond for almost five minutes.

Crystal had to refill "her" water cup three times!  Wonder why?

Kate: "My rock is better than yours!"
Jack: "So.  I have more than you!"

Addi: "I don't need to compare cause I KNOW mine are better!"

Serious Kate

Focused Addi

"Where are the fish?"

"I see them!"

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