Friday, July 29, 2011



I love this little outfit on Jack.  It really fits his personality.  I wish he would wear the hat that goes with it.  Paulette bought this for him when we went to Georgia for Memorial Day.  What a handsome little fella!



For the first time in my 365 project, due to an unforeseen and VERY annoying zip drive malfunction, there will not be a picture in this post from this day.  I may go back and find one from a year ago and post an old one, but don't want to hold up the updates.  My zip drive is corrupt and deleted all the pictures that I took on Tuesday.  I am very disappointed but so is life sometimes.  For now, I am going to include one of my favorite pictures of Jack from the past year.  Its not a great one, but it really shows his personality.

Jack is an amazing little man. He is such a sweet little guy and sensitive like his daddy. Poor thing doesn't stand a chance with his sisters around. Jack is very content to be off playing by himself without his sisters bothering him. He never has a shortage of hugs and kisses, but does however have a pretty good little temper! If Addi or Kate try to take anything from him, he has a bad tendency to go after them teeth first.  He also has a bad habit of hitting.  He doesn't mean any thing malicious by it, but just does it to be funny.



Jack loves my shoes!  Anytime he sees them laying around, he will literally take his off and try mine on.  It is so cute and I love every minute of it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011



A couple of years ago my dear sweet aunt, my moms only sister, died of cancer and left behind a cute little Pomeranian puppy affectionately named Winslow.  Well, my uncle, her husband, is moving and can't take Winslow with him. So rather than put him up for adoption, my mom is taking him in until we can find him a permanent home.  Jimmy brought Winslow over on Sunday and the kids got to meet him.  At first, they were all TERRIFIED of the dog.  Not sure why because for the first year and three months, we had two dogs of our own!  It took them a few hours to be within ten feet of them without freaking out.  When they finally did get comfortable enough they were very sweet and petted him and loved on him.  Kate and Addi went so far as giving him kisses.

On a side note, we FINALLY have somewhere that we can eat as a family together!!!  My mom was kind enough to trade with us and we have a small round table that all five of us can fit at and eat together!!!  We have a formal dining room, but it is just not very convenient to eat dinner at because its not attached to the kitchen.  It was so nice to sit down and have Sunday dinner as a family!

Addi giving sugars to Winslow

Trioux Table!

Finally eating dinner as a family!



As most of you have seen before, Addi is out little watter baby!  She can't get enough of the water.  We got their little pool out again this weekend and as usual, they loved it.  Addi had so much fun with Nana going up and down the slide!
Our stout little firecracker

"Who's there?"

The lens was fogged up when I took this one, but I couldn't resist posting it!



I wish that I had a picture of it, but Addi tends to walk like a little tiny body builder!  She has this little confident strut where she sways her shoulders from side to side.  It is adorable!  The more I see it, the more it, the more and more I believe that she walks just like her Papa Keith!  One of these days I will try to get a video of both of them for comparison.
Addi working on her leg strength by pushing Jack around in the Cozy Car

All of Addi's swag that she sleeps with!

Monday, July 25, 2011



From day 1, Addi is the only one who took a paci.  The other two would spit them out at you.  Addi on the other hand can not got to sleep with out it.  She does great during the day and will give it to you if you ask for it, but at night, she HAS to have it.  I know it is probably a crutch for us, but I am not ready to fight that battle yet.  Here lately, she has even gotten so bad that she has one in her mouth and another in her hand.  We call it her "worry" paci.  It is rather funny sometimes because she will switch them out and go back and forth from on to the other.  In the pictures below, you can see she found a third and had one in each hand and one in her mouth.

When I was thinking about this post, a fellow triplet dad posted a picture that pretty much sums up my little Addi.

One in the mouth and one in each hand!

Silly girl!



I finally was able to get a better picture of her "crinkle" nose!  She is so cute when she does this.  She will do it when she is trying to be funny or cute, and she will also do it when she gets frustrated.  Her little personality is so unique.  She gets easily frustrated if she is doing something and it doesn't go EXACTLY the way she wants it to, but she doesn't give up.  Unlike her sister and brother, she will continue a task until she completes it.  She may get mad in the middle of it, but it will get done!

"Don't you find me so cute?"



Addi and her phone!  This little bit loves her toy phone.  She will go searching all the toy bins in the afternoon looking for it.  When she finally locates it, she will hold onto it until dinner time and get back to it after she is done eating.  I hope this is not a precursor to what is to come with her!  If it is, I better go ahead and buy stock in AT&T!

In the mess of their playroom, she is always able to find her phone!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011



For the next three weeks I am going to focus on one of the Trioux each week.  I think it will be a good opportunity to get to know each of them individually.  As the week progresses, I will go into detail about each of the Trioux, such as personality traits, likes dislikes, so on and so forth.  First up will be Addi, then Jack and last but not least Kate.

Addi loves to collect and hold onto baby wipes.  Anytime she gets her diaper changed, she has to have one to hold on to.  Before bed, she will use them to wipe her little feet clean.  It is so cute.

She has this funny little habit of crinkling her nose at you when she is trying to be funny.  This was the best I could get.  I will try and get a better one later.

Addi has the cutest little laugh.  It is a little on the soft side but very funny.

Rolling around on the floor.

She loves to help getting the laundry together by "throwing the dirties" into the laundry room.  She insists on getting all of them together and doing it herself.

Monday, July 18, 2011



The Trioux's appetite and ability to eat new stuff amazes me everyday!  Tonight we grilled out steaks for dinner since in was so nice outside.  We cut it up pretty small, but they loved it and couldn't get enough of it.  Jack cleaned his plate twice of steak and so did Addi.  Lord help us, this is going to get expensive fast!



This weekend, the Trioux got to go to their first Birthday Pool Party!  Needless to say, they absolutely LOVED it!  It was at the city pool here in Oneonta.  They have a little kiddie pool section that was perfect for them.  It has a soft spongy surface so its easy on them when they fall.  It has a zero entry section and at its deepest point is only 1ft deep.  Once they got used to it, they were right at home.  There is also a frog slide that's about four feet tall.  It took them a little while and a lot of motivation, but once they did it once, they didn't want to stop.  I wish I would have been able to get a picture of them going down it, but I was helping them up and down.  We will definitely bring them back here again.

We did have one VERY embarrassing moment while we were at the pool party.  Since we started putting the Trioux in the water, Jack has for some reason or another developed a very bad and nasty habit.  Every now and then, he will poop while he is in the water!  Not sure if it is pure coincidence and that its just his time to go, or if it is something that he does on purpose.  Needless to say, when he stepped out of the pool and walked to me dripping brown water, I was MORTIFIED!  Crystal was even more embarrassed than I was because she had to change him!  Next time we go to the pool, we will bring backup swimmers and bathing suits.

Nana and the Trioux

They love pizza!

Everyone getting used to it.

Jack did this forever

Just lounging

Kate came very close to jumping in on her own.

Kate and River, the Birthday Boy!



Lately, Jack has been fascinated with putting his pants on himself.  Sometimes he gets a little carries away and will try to put anything on his legs that he can.  This night, he thought he had to put both of his sisters pants on, one on each leg.  I have even seen him try to put a shirt on as pants.  What a silly little man!

Yes, that is two pairs of pants!

Friday, July 15, 2011



These are the t-shirts that we got this Trioux at the DA's conference last year.  As you can see, they are still growing into them.  They are getting better and better about not fighting bed time, but it still takes a little work getting them back to their room.





Addi was fascinated with my laptop backpack when I got home from work.  She was going through all the pockets and pulling out everything she could find.  At one point she was carrying it around by the handle.  I thought it would look cute on her, so I pulled the straps all the way up and put them over her shoulder.  She LOVED it!

Thursday, July 14, 2011



The first Christmas after the Trioux were born, my mom made us a stepping stone for the flower bed at our old house.  It is one of those kits that you can customize and add things of your own to it.  She spelled out Trioux in small letters on the top and put a small picture of each of the kids below that.  Then she spelled out each of their names under their picture.  When we moved into our new house, we propped it up next to the driveway and didn't think anything else about it.  Well, the Trioux discovered it and know what it is!  Addi in particular will walk up to it and point at each picture and say who it is.  It is so cute to hear her little voice saying all of their names.



To say I was shocked would be an understatement!!!  The Trioux were so good on our trip home.  They didn't nap like they usually do, but no one got fussy or upset.  They talked and laughed and played and watched Cars, Bugs Life and Beauty and The Beast.  They were being so good we stopped half way and got everyone a Happy Meal!  It was good to be home, but we were exhausted.  We pushed through and got everything unpacked and cooked a good dinner for everyone.

07/09/2011 - PART 2


************UNDER CONSTRUCTION*************

Waiting on Keith to come back from China to get pictures from his camera.

07/09/2011 - PART 1


While in Picayune, there is only one place that we HAVE to go eat, Frost Top!  They have one of the best roast beef po'boys I have EVER put in my mouth!  Crystal's grandparents lived here while she was growing up and some of her fondest memories of them were going to the Frost Top.  It has become a tradition that every time we go there, which isn't all that often, we have to eat lunch there.  As you can see below, I am pretty sure the Trioux enjoyed it.



Yes you are seeing that correctly, Addi is eating ketchup with a fork!

Jack being silly