Monday, January 31, 2011


Great Weekend! Bad Trioux Day!

Crystal's parents and my mom came into town this weekend. It is always a fun weekend when we all get together. It is usually filled with grilling out, having a few adult beverages, a few cigars, some serious work around the house and fun with the Trioux. We hit all of the above except for the last one. On Friday afternoon, the daycare called and said Jack was not feeling well and puked a few times and had some bad diapers. He seemed fine when my mom went and got him so we proceeded to dinner. After dinner, Kate started to have the same symptoms and by Saturday, all three seemed to have some sort of stomach bug. We didn't have any more puke, but some REALLY BAD diapers.

To help them try to settle a little we gave them plenty of yogurt. Kate and Jack did not want to be fed, so we gave them a spoon and they went to town!!! Jack had to be helped a little more, but really made a good effort. We couldn't leave the container in front of him because it would have been all over the kitchen!
Kate did such a great job! She is really starting to get pretty good and putting things on a spoon and feeding herself.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around and playing on their new "kidnappers" for school.

Addi loves her cape
Kate is really starting to look like a little girl.
Jack is just plain silly!

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