Monday, January 24, 2011


Today was a pretty big day in the Trioux's routine. They started their new daycare today. Crystal and I both took them in today and will probably do the same tomorrow. We dropped them off and stayed for a few minutes, but did not want to stay too long so they would get into their new routine without any major issues. They seemed to do pretty well when we left, so we felt pretty good. Crystal and I both called and checked on them and apparently, they ate very well and played very well with the other kids. I think this daycare is going to work out pretty well.

On another note, I took my drug screen today and I should start my new job on Wednesday! It is so amazing how this opportunity practically fell in my lap. I will go into more detail later, but lets just say, I will be doing the same thing I was before, but just for a smaller company. I am excited about the new challenge.

Here is a quick picture that I took after I got home from picking them up. As you can see, they love to look out the glass door to the sun room. I know, Jack does not have any pants on! It is for only one reason, he had a messy diaper by the time we got home, and I did not feel like putting his jeans back on him

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  1. Glad they had a good first day! That could be a big adjustment, but it sounds like they will handle it well. Love the cute picture of them looking out the door. : )