Monday, January 3, 2011


This is the last night in the house that we brought the Trioux home in! It is a little bitter sweet. We really thought that we would spend a lot of years in this house and not have to leave it until we outgrew it in a few years, but as fate would have it, we are leaving it a little early. We are really looking forward to this new adventure and think that it will be good for us in the long run.

After a long day of packing and a doctor visit for the Trioux, we took everyone out for dinner on our last night in Daphne. We went to one of our favorites, Mellow Mushroom. I forgot my camera, so this is the best picture I could come up with on my iPhone.

After dinner, we got the kids bathed and off to bed in their peapods. We kept them on the their matress pads for one more night and this is what we walked into after about and hour!

That is little Addi who decided she would try and roll out the door.

It may be a few days before my next post due to a new house and no internet yet, but I will back date my posts so I can keep up with my 365 promise. Wish us luck and please say a little prayer for us!

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