Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We spent most of this day doing the obvious, unpacking! The kids had a great day playing in the great room with all their toys and having the run of all the new open space. The adults however, we trying to get things ready for the impending winter storm that was headed our way. The forecast was for somewhere between 5-7 inches of snow and some possible ice and freezing rain! In the rural part of the state that we live in, this much snow and ice can lead to a very bad thing, power outage!!! Couple that with the fact that our house is ALL electric with no gas heat, and it is a little bit of a scary prospect. Something else to consider was that my Auburn Tigers were playing for the national championship the next day!!! We did have a very gracious offer from Crystal's boss to come to her house if things got real bad because she has gas heat.

After getting everything done, we got the kids settled into bed and we actually got to relax for a little while and wait for the winter weather to start! It started as freezing rain, but soon turned to snow before we went to sleep. Here are a few pictures of what it looked like before we went to bed. Next post will be the winter wonderland and all the fun (insert sarcasm) that the kids had in it for the first time.

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