Monday, March 14, 2011

Ravioli Dinner

I know I have done the dinner update a few times, but these were too good to resist. We let them feed themselves this times and they did not fail to entertain. Jack and Addi love to get messy and have fun. Kate on the other hand does not like to get messy and actually HATES to bet dirty. As these pictures will show, they all are completely different when it comes to getting dirty while eating.

Jack rubbing it in and making it count
Jack the "redman"
Addi making sure nobody is looking
"uh-oh, they caught me!"
"You want some? I have plenty!"
The meticulous one
"Get this off of me!!!"

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  1. OH MY GOSH! I just had a mini panic attack/stroke. i have NEVER let blaise feed himself. i tried with spaghetti the other night, simply because i know you do it with yours, but i kept thinking "i can't IMAGINE having to clean up 3 of these babies!" you are one heck of a dad. i know people probably say it all the time, but i am in TOTAL awe and admiration, brian. hopefully we will get over that way before they start kindergarten. :(