Thursday, March 3, 2011



As most of you know, Crystal is the sugar momma of the family. Her job is very important and sometimes she has to work longer hours than I do, so sometimes I am left alone with the Trioux and have the task of feeding them and getting them to bed. It is not very often, but when it does happen it gives me a chance to let the Trioux get a little crazy and run a little wild. They love it and I enjoy watching them get a little nutty.

Today, Addi got sick at school so Crystal had to bring her home and babysit her. Consequently, she had to go back to work tonight for a meeting. While fixing the Trioux's dinner, I noticed that things got awfully quiet in the living room for a minute. I looked up, and they were all sitting at their little table playing with each other. It was such a great sight that I had to get a few pictures of it. The other two are of Kate trying to put on Jack's socks. She is so smart and is really catching on to a lot of things. Her vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger every day. Pretty soon she will be having conversations with everyone.

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