Tuesday, March 15, 2011



This afternoon, I had a chance to go fishing at a stocked private pond outside of town that has not been fished very much over the last few years and is overrun with bass and brim, so I could not pass it up and had to go. This left Crystal alone with the Trioux to get them ready for bed by herself. I must say, she is a rock star! Not only did she get them fed, bathed and off to bed, but she also cooked us a big dinner! It is amazing how much easier it is to take care of them on your own the older they get.

Since I was out on the lake, I was not able to get a picture of them tonight, so you guys have to out up with a flashback of exactly one year ago today. It is amazing how much they have changed! Whats so funny is that Kate still sucks her fingers like that when she gets tired and is ready for bed. Enjoy!

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