Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Our little bit was still under the weather today so I had to stay home with her. She was running a 100 degree fever this morning, which was just high enough to keep her out of daycare. Crystal had court all day so it was up to me to man the fort and keep the little one well all day. Needless to say, after her breakfast, she didn't have a fever all day and was acting like her normal little self. That was until about 4:00 this afternoon. Her nap this afternoon only lasted about and hour and a half, which is usually at least two hours, so she was a little cranky the rest of the day. She really didn't start feeling feverish until about four. We were on the couch watching TV and she fell asleep sitting straight up in my lap. I laid her down and this is how she staid until about 4:45. Bless her heart. I hate to see her not feeling well. Hopefully she will be feeling better tomorrow!

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