Monday, March 14, 2011


LONG Sunday!

These two pictures just about sum up how our Sunday went. To start out with, all three are getting molars. AT THE SAME TIME!!! The entire house, Crystal, her parents, her sister, and I, only got about four hours of sleep because neither of the Trioux slept all night. It started with Kate, then Addi and finally Jack. Each one had to be held and stayed up for at least an hour or so. You could tell they were hurting so bad, but all we could do was wait for the Advil to kick in. At least with the daylight savings time, everyone slept in pretty late, but that was about the only positive part of the day!!!

Later on, when I went to start laundry, the washer went on the fritz and would not go thru an entire wash cycle. I ended up having to take all the Trioux clothes to Nana's house so at least we could have clean clothes for them. Pile onto that Crystal and I were both in pissy moods and not being very nice to each other and it make for a long afternoon. When we finally got the Trioux down for a much needed nap, we threw everything aside and took a nap ourselves. We really needed it!

When the Trioux got up, wouldn't you know, they were all CRANKY and pissy. During their snack, while I was trying to relax for just a minute, the Direct TV went out!!! What a GREAT day! The kids were so awful and we were so frustrated that we had to call the Nana and tell her we were bringing the Trioux to her house for a few hours so we could get things done. They did great over there and we were about to get some stuff done around here! THANK GOD for NANAS!!! These are the only two pictures that I have. Enjoy.

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