Monday, March 7, 2011


This afternoon, before I left work, the daycare called Crystal and told her that Addi started running a fever late in the day. They said it started at about 100 and by the time I picked her up it was 102. They said she was acting fine, but just had a high fever. As some of you who know Addi, when she runs a fever, she typically runs a HIGH fever. When she is teething, she can run as high as 100 or 101, so we don't think to much of it usually. She has been a little congested the last few days, so just to make sure, we gave her a breathing treatment. Below are some pictures of our little "sick" Addi before and after her breathing treatment. Before, she was being little and whiny. After her breathing treatment, well, lets just say, CRAZY PERSON!!! At this very moment, 9:00 PM, she is still running around like a crazy little munchkin! Lets just hope no fever in the morning!

In mommy's arms not feeling well



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  1. Too funny! Looks like she felt a LOT better afterwards! I almost thought that first picture was from last year because she looks so tiny. : )