Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Tonight, Crystal was very sick so daddy had to step in and do double duty. I sure hope she gets to feeling better because this is such a team sport (taking care of these three hoodlums), that it is a little rough to handle things by yourself, especially on bath night! After dinner we try to get them to finish their milk on their new stools so they are not spilling milk all over the house. They seem to be getting better at sitting there and not running off, except for Kate that is. She still thinks that she can do whatever she wants and runs off laughing.

I wish that I could say I read to them every night, but I don't. Tonight I decided to get in their chair and read them their favorite story: "Three Little Sleepy Heads." Kate has been fascinated with this book for the last six months. She is always carrying it around and wants anyone to read it to her. She loves it so much that sometimes at night, I can tell her, "go get sleepy heads," and she runs and finds it wherever. We had a great night and they are getting to be SO much fun!

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