Monday, February 21, 2011



Gonna be a little short on this one, because I have so many pictures. It was a beautiful warm weekend so we got the kids out and had a great time in the yard. My mom found a used Little Tikes Cozy Car and the Trioux LOVED it! Especially Addi. Enjoy!

Little Man and his Car
Little Man let sissy take it for a spin
Our new milk stools grammy got us
We took the castle outside
Kate took the first spin
"I see you!"
"I see Buzz!"
"Let me drive this thing!"
"I can't go backward or forward. GET OUT OF MY WAY!"
"Move over Jack, its my turn."
"Nope, not while I'm in here."
"Keep it moving here!"
"Let me give you a hand Addi."
"Good, the evil sisters are trapped!"
"Don't run over her Kate."
I know this is an awkward picture, but I love it!
Sweet Addi
"Thank you brother."

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