Thursday, February 10, 2011


My Little Mister

This little boy is definitely my son. Not only does he look a lot like I did as a toddler, but he acts a lot like I did (according to my mother). Jack is very shy, but at the same time outgoing around people that he knows. He is so content playing by himself away from his sometimes mean sisters. He is a little on the sensitive side, but can be so silly and fun. I love this little guy and am so excited to see how much he develops over the years.

It will be a few days until my next post. We are moving The Nana over here to Oneonta this weekend so it will probably be Sunday until I can get some updates done. Until then, enjoy and have a good weekend everyone!

Shoeless Jack!
My little man and his weeble

Why am I walking crooked?

One of my favorite pictures of the little mister man

My new pink cape. It sucks sometimes having so many sisters!

Pink Superman!

Silly boy

My little sleepy fella

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