Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Spoon Feeding

Crystal had to work a little late tonight, so it was just my mom and I with the Trioux tonight. I went with easy tonight and fixed chicken sticks, mac n cheese & green beans. Over the last few weeks we have started to give them their spoons and forks while eating to help promote them self feeding with utensils. Some nights are better than others, but tonight was one of those better nights. When we first started it, Kate was by far the most advanced, but here lately she has regressed a little and Jack has taken over as the best spoon/fork eater. I was so amazed at their progress, I had to make this our update for tonight. Enjoy!

FYI: For any of you out there that are on Twitter, I have started a new Twitter page for us if you would like to follow us: @BoudreauxTrioux

Tonight's entree

Jack has the mad spoon/spork skills

"Almost got it..."


Kate now needs a little help

"I am trying real hard daddy."

"I got some of it in my mouth dad."

Addi still needs the most help, but is trying real hard

"I just want to try and eat the spoon."

"Too much food for this little spoon."

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  1. um, now how cool is it for you to be able to say, "my mom was here to help?" :) i have to admit, it is SO weird for her to be gone from MS> i'm the only one left here.