Tuesday, February 8, 2011



Bath nights these days seem to be getting more and more interesting. Since we have started bathing the kids in the tub I have always been the one to wash them, and Crystal does the drying and putting on lotion, with both of us helping to dress them in their jammys. Well, I think I am ready to switch jobs! It seems as though the bigger they get, the more fun they have splashing water. In this new house, the tub is quite a bit shallower than our old one, so as you can imagine, it is a bad combination. They are having so much fun splashing and laughing a giggling that it is so hard to get onto them to stop. I told Crystal tonight that it is hard to get onto them when I am laughing my ass off at them at the same time. After bath tonight, I think I had more water on me than was left in the tub! I am thinking that we might move to the garden tub in our mater bath. It is almost as deep as they are tall.

The picture below has absolutely NOTHING to do with bath time. It was one of the only ones I had time to take tonight and it really shows how big this place is and how little my man really is.

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