Thursday, February 17, 2011



First off, Jack is a little bit of a mommas boy, but he seems to be growing out of that. In his defense, the girls tend to gang up on him and brutalize him at times. It can be as simple as taking the toy that he is playing with away from him, or as bad as grabbing his hair by the back of his head and pulling him to the ground. When he grows up, he is either going to be tough as nails or or paranoid as hell and always looking over his shoulders. I really think it will be the tough one! Or at least I hope.

This one was taken after Kate walked up to him and stole a book that he was playing with

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  1. I just love these babies, I have been gones for awhile and it was a blast catching up! They have grown sooooo much it's crazy. You are still amazing parents!!! Tooo cute!!!!