Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weekly news

Okay so the last couple of days have been interesting!! We had the growth ultrasound yesterday...we have some chunky babies! I am so happy! Addison is 2 lb12ou, Kathryn is 2lb7ou, and Jack is 2lb10ou at 28 weeks 4days!! during the ultrasound I found out that Addison is waaaayyyy down low. I also thought that my cervix looked dialated. The doctor came by this morning and went through everything with me. The cervix is not dialated but it has shortened substanstially because of the weight of the babies. He said it was expected. He started the steroid injections today to help the babies' lungs and I will get the final dose tomorrow. Then after 48 hours, it should have taken full effect.
My goal at this point is the same, 30 weeks. Only 9 or so days to go so that is my next milestone. The doctor is confident that they would be fine if born today given that they have passed alll their tests, but nothing on the outside is as good as being on the inside for just one more day!
I am also having contractions which are being monitored. I finally realized that is what I was feeling and the doctor confirmed!! The plan is to wait and see what happens - either the babies or my body will do something to tell them that it is time. I don't think they think I will make it to 32 weeks but we will see!!
The babies are great, kicking and playing!! They have cute little faces!! I am getting excited and fighting the weepies at the same time! Part of me is not ready to not be pregnant anymore no matter how uncomfortable it it!! then at the same time, i am ready to meet them!! I think Briny is a little nervous!! He is so cute!! He is going to be a great daddy once he realizes it!! He is in love with these little ones already!! It is the sweetest thing ever to watch him talk about them...sorry dearie if this causes issues with the man card!!


  1. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee make it into the 30's. I know that is a stranger telling you what to do, but I have become attatched:) I am praying all of you will do well and continue to grow and be healthy. Babies, like in the nemo movie...just keep swimming, just keep swimming!! Good luck this week

  2. congratulations on the baby weights, those are great!
    thinking about you everyday!

  3. You're doing awesome!! And those are some excellent weights for the babies! Hang in there - you're almost done :)