Sunday, August 2, 2009

weekend of 29 weeks

so this weekend we made 29 weeks!! see the photo to the big can this thing get??? haha
the doctors are excited and now pushing for 30. i think they are trying to keep my spirits up which is really nice. this are not exactly comfortable but i know well worth it in the end!!
this weekend was the best ever!! brian came over friday and the spoiling began!! he got me breakfast, lunch and dinner and waited on me every minute! the surprise of the weekend came on saturday. brian had brought a projector with him. he then went and bought a hilarious movie and two kinds of popcorn, cheddar and caramal...yummy!! then he hung up a screen in my room and we had movie night. it was the best ever!! i laughed harder than i have since being here. for those couple of hours, it was just us, no nurses, no tests, just us! i loved it! i forgot i was even at the hospital. i thought this was the sweetest, most thoughtful thing that brian could have ever done for me!! he has truly been the best husband through all of this!! he always knows how to make things better!! he knew how uncomfortable i have been and he has done everything this weekend to make it better! i forget the discomforts when he is around!!
the babies are doing well. jack has the arhythmia in his heart beats but the doctor has tested the structure of his heart and all is normal so he says it is nothing to worry about. he has diagnosed it as preterm atrial arhythmia and says it is common. they will watch it and monitor it closely though!! Addi and Kate are bouncing along. all of them play a lot these days and love to roll and kick me!! one of them pokes their little butt up and you can see it sticking out the top of my tummy!! it is amazing that they can do this at their size and being breech!!
the nurses here have also made me so comfortable. they come and talk to me all of the time and always try to make me happy! they are amazing and we are blessed to be in such a good place!
i am going to try to post photos but i am not a computer pro so let's see if it works!!

these show brian's handy work setting up the projector and screen...the room is messy!!

this is what it looked like during the movie...almost as good as the big screen!!


  1. Great job making it to 29!! yahoo!! Thanks for a photo, those babies are really making themselves visable! Your looking great! What a great husband. That was awesome, maybe it can be a weekly celebration!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. way to go Brian! that is an awesome idea. i'm so, so glad you had a great weekend. you deserve it for making it to 29 WEEKS!!!!! congrats!!!