Friday, July 10, 2009

still here

We are still hanging in here. I have been going through the routine the last couple of days. My sugar has risen but they are adjusting the insulin to handle it. It makes me a little shaky and VERY SLEEPY!! My blood pressure is regular/low per the doctor so that is good. The big event was that Briny felt the babies kick really hard for the first time! His eyes were so big and he was amazed!! It was so cute!! I feel them all day and night so I was really happy that he gets to experience the kicks too!! They are moving more everyday and the kicks are stronger everyday. It is an amazing experience to say the least!!


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  2. Feeling the babies kick and being able to share it with my hubby is my favorite part of pregnancy! Enjoy it!


  3. so cool!!! i bet the babies' kicking never stops. sometimes i can't sleep with ONE...i can't imagine that times 3! hang in there :) xoxo