Sunday, July 19, 2009

27 weeks plus 1

Ok so it has been an entire week since I have updated...I have been a total slacker!! :) So what all has happened this week? I have been sleeping more and more. It is insane. I try so hard to stay awake but it never seems to work. The babies are moving and kicking a lot more now. Brian has gotten kicked and the nurses laugh when they see my stomach move around. It is so big that I cannot see over it to see it move!!
I also have moved to having 2 ultrasounds each week. This week I had one on Monday and Friday. On Friday, I learned that Addison's fluid level is a little low. The doctor said that it was in the normal range but close to being considered in the low range so he was going to monitor it pretty closely. He also said that the cord flow in her umbilical cord was not as much as he would like so they will be checking on that also. He says not to worry but that doesn't help!! The nurses are so nice and keep telling me that these things often fix themselves. Oddly, this constant encouragement makes me feel better. Maybe it is just denial but I know that if it was really a problem, my doctors would be scheduling a c-section!!
My parents came to visit this weekend to celebrate the 27th week. My mom came down on Thursday and my dad on Friday. This gave Brian a little bit of a rest time which he needed. He and my dad took Saturday night off and grilled out and had guy time. I think he had fun and it was a much needed respite!! I miss him when he is not here but he has been here every day since I have been here except maybe 3 or 4!!
My sugar levels have no rhyme or reason!! Everytime I try to control it with my diet, it seems to go higher so I am now going to listen to the doctors and just take the insulin!! I did have one day this week when my levels were normal and I didn't need any insulin!! WOOHOO!!
My blood pressure has remained normal. the doctor even says it is low sometimes. I still have some symptoms of preeclamsia so I am being monitored but the signs are staying the same and not increasing so that it is a good sign.
I keep setting my mini goals to make it through these weeks. Now, I am focused on next weekend, 28 weeks, and then will set my sites on 30 weeks. It has been a long time since I came into the hospital, June 10. I remember how bad the first couple of weeks were and I remember the beginning of July when I looked at the blank calendar and almost panicked!! Now, I see how fast it has gone by. It is mind-blowing!!
We have been blessed and I am so grateful to all of our friends and family who have been supporting us through this!! Soon we will have three little babies!! How crazy is that???!!!!


  1. We also had issues with Noah's (Baby C) blood flow and fluid levels. They were checked a couple times a week and much to the doctors surprise no decisions had to be made to take the babies out because of this (Baby A made his own decision to start the ball rolling and get out). I love how you are celebrating the mini milestones. I remember the realization that I would not be leaving the hospital until the babies were born and the closer it got the more real everything seemed.

  2. YAY, only 5 days till the big 28 WEEKS!!!
    same goals here too, 28 is huge, now looking for 30. glad your doing good and hanging in there mentally.

  3. Soon you will be looking back at this time as just a memory. Instead of laying in a hospital bed, you will looking a three smiling babies!

  4. You are doing such a great thing for the babies! You won't think about this time soon after they are born. You never remember the bad things only the good! Stopping in from Mom of Multiples Board to say Hi!