Wednesday, July 22, 2009

27 plus 4

So I met with the doctor today. He loves to wake me up early!! Things are looking good with the babies. He is tweaking my meds again! Since being taken off Motrin (due to the low fluid with A), I have noticed some headaches. He is worried that this is a sign of the preeclampsia trying to advance. SOOOO that means I am now on phenyl barbital (sp?). He said this will prevent any seizures but will make me oh so sleepy!! I am also getting three ultrasounds per week (M, W, F) and monitoring of the babies 2 times a day (the nurses are going to love me!!). He also increased some of my insulin doses to stabalize my sugars...who knew I was so sweet!! All of this should keep me busy!! I do have to say that all of the nurses here and my doctors have been more than I ever expected. The nurses are always coming by to talk to me even if they are on other assignments on the floor. They like to check in and see what the "lady with triplets," as I am so known by all the student nurses, is doing! It has been a very good experience and has gone by pretty fast!!
I have decided to let the doctors do the worrying. I just lay here everyday and enjoy feeling my little aliens moving and playing! They have been picking up steam lately!! Last night A, Addison, was playing and kicking until I talked her into going to sleep! It was amazing!! C, Jackson, has grown his legs and kicks up a storm!! He kicked his daddy really hard a couple of days ago!! B, Kathryn, is always moving but doesn't kick as much yet!!
Well, we are creaping up on 28 weeks which is a huge milestone!! Say that to just any expectant mom and you will get a strange look but for me and our trio, 28 weeks is amazing!! I hope they are growing and getting stronger. I really am starting to understand that I will soon have three little ones!! Brian and I talk about this almost every night!! It is mind-blowing but so exciting at the same time with a little bit of fear of the unknown thrown in there!!


  1. YAY! so glad things are going so well, keep up the good work and grow those babies!

  2. Keep those babies in your oven!!:) I am excited and praying for you !We need to see tummy pictures!!

  3. Glad to see you're hanging in there and you are all doing well! Before you know it, you'll be holding ten pound babies and wondering how on earth they grew so fast! : )