Saturday, July 25, 2009

28 weeks...WOO HOO!!

So by the title you can tell that today was the 28 week mark. this is a HUGE milestone. We are now at 95 percent survival and less than 10 percent chance they will have any long term complications. I am sooooooo excited. Brian and his mom were here all day and we had a great time. this milestone somehow felt different than all the others. it was like a weight is off my shoulders or something. i can't quite pinpoint the feeling i have had all day. i was treated to most of my favorites today....chinese for lunch (finally some broccoli, who would have thought I would look forward to that!), sushi (cooked) for dinner, and the marble slab ice cream (didn't eat all of it so have left overs!! :)) needless to say, I am stuffed!!
today has also been a milestone for pain! i woke up at 4 a.m. to a horrible pulling in my back and all the way around my lower belly. turns out not contractions, but is tendons pulling against the weight of the babies. this persisted all day with times of absolute torture!! i tried everything to make it better, laying on both sides, laying on back etc. to no avail. i took tylenol which worked for about 30 minutes!! when it got to the point of not being able to take a good breath of air, the nurses thought it better for me to take something stronger. i was trying to get through it with no strong meds but now i see that that is just asking for misery!! i have now decided that i am going to enjoy all this "not so fun time" (doctor warned me of this!) of the pregnancy one way or another!! i figure that after adjusting to what is a triplet preganancy, we triplet moms have to make it the best we can!! So instead of laying here in misery, i fully intend to enjoy how many ever weeks I have left!!
i did ask the doctor today if he would schedule a c-section once i make it to 32 weeks. he said no. he said he was going to wait for my body or the babies to say when enough is enough. okay, so i guess i am in for the duration!! haha it feels kind of liberating to not know what tomorrow will bring as i have always been a control and schedule freak but at the same time, i find myself wondering all of the time what is going to happen and when!!
the gestational diabetes is not cooperating right now. the doctor ups my insulin and the glucose numbers go up is a non-stop game!! today i had the highest reading since being diagnosed. i plan to talk to him about this tomorrow as that just freaks me out!! by the way this was before any ice cream!! i am good about no sweets all day in case we splurge at night or if i know it is a special occasion and ice cream is involved!! hahaha hopefully he will have a solution!!
overall, this has been a wonderful day and i continue to marvel in the blessings that surround us everyday!!


  1. Take something stronger - you will feel better in the long run. As for scheduling, I asked my doctors almost every day and they always said I would never make it to the point of needing to be scheduled. As I got farther and farther along, finally a nurse asked when was the farthest they would let me go and he told her not a day past 36 weeks. Well, I did not make it that far, but I hated not knowing when the last possible day would be. I just needed to know when it would be over. Good luck with the diabetes.

  2. BTW - Congrats on the BIG 28!

  3. YAY!!! 28 weeks, that is a huge milestone. it is such a great accomplishment. as for the GD, lantus didn't work for me. i've been on glyburide for a few days now and have great blood sugars. but apparently there is not alot of info on the use of the drug with HOM. good luck getting yours under control!

  4. Congrats on making it 28 weeks! I am also 28 weeks, and one of my doctors told me today they won't schedule a c-section. So I'm also sitting here wondering when on earth will this all happen?!? :) Congrats again!

  5. Way to go!! Isn't it fun to count off another week! I would ask for some "harder" drugs or you will go crazy! Keep up the great work!!