Saturday, July 4, 2009

25 weeks

WOO HOO we made it to 25 weeks! It is also July 4. It has been a wonderful day today!! This weekend Brian's mom is here visiting! She and Brian have been spoiling me since Friday!! It has been awesome! I am so excited to have made it to this important day!! The doctor came in today and is so happy. He says we have many more weeks to go!! We are now looking to 28 weeks when he has approved a definite "wingdinger" as he put it!!

This hospital experience, though difficult, has been as good as you can expect. All of the nurses are so nice and we talk every day! They all tell me and Brian that they fight to have us assigned to them. That is nice of them. They are my social lifeline these days!! We also have amazing doctors who I beleive are so trustworthy and honest! They never rush visits and if anything beg me to ask them questions!!

The babies are moving and shaking! Monitoring today was a disaster! None of them would stay in one spot long enough to be monitored! It was a LONG hour of the nurses trying to chase them and get them monitored. In the end, I think there may have been two or three minutes of Kathryn and Jackson and as has been the tradition, about three beats at a time on Addison!!

Yesterday we went to tour the NICU. It was a little shocking to see how many babies are in there but because of all of my friends who have explained their experiences with NICUs, we were a little prepared for all the lights and sounds. The NICU here makes me comfortable. The nurses were all nice and I liked that there are so many nurses that the babies have close monitoring.

We are hoping more every day that these little ones are fat little dumplins. We should find out next week how much they have grown over the last month!! I am hoping for close to 2 pounds each. That would be fabulous!!

Okay, so now I guess I need sleep when it is actually dark outside!! My schedule is all off!! Right now, Addison is kicking her brother and sister who are not so happy about having to escape her. One day soon, I am sure they will eventually kick her back!!! It would suit us to have three little feisty babies!! I was hoping for calm!! hahahaha


  1. Crystal, I am 27 weeks (tomorrow)with quads and have been in the hospital for 3 weeks now. So I feel your pain. Hang in there!

  2. Hi Crystal & Brian! Congrats on making it to 25 weeks...every day matters! I found your blog at Multiples and More, and I noticed you mentioned a hospital in Mobile in one of your early posts. Do y'all live in Mobile? I live in North AL, but my sister goes to USA. It's always nice to find people close to home. Wishing continued blessings for all 5 of you!