Friday, July 29, 2011



For the first time in my 365 project, due to an unforeseen and VERY annoying zip drive malfunction, there will not be a picture in this post from this day.  I may go back and find one from a year ago and post an old one, but don't want to hold up the updates.  My zip drive is corrupt and deleted all the pictures that I took on Tuesday.  I am very disappointed but so is life sometimes.  For now, I am going to include one of my favorite pictures of Jack from the past year.  Its not a great one, but it really shows his personality.

Jack is an amazing little man. He is such a sweet little guy and sensitive like his daddy. Poor thing doesn't stand a chance with his sisters around. Jack is very content to be off playing by himself without his sisters bothering him. He never has a shortage of hugs and kisses, but does however have a pretty good little temper! If Addi or Kate try to take anything from him, he has a bad tendency to go after them teeth first.  He also has a bad habit of hitting.  He doesn't mean any thing malicious by it, but just does it to be funny.

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