Tuesday, July 26, 2011



A couple of years ago my dear sweet aunt, my moms only sister, died of cancer and left behind a cute little Pomeranian puppy affectionately named Winslow.  Well, my uncle, her husband, is moving and can't take Winslow with him. So rather than put him up for adoption, my mom is taking him in until we can find him a permanent home.  Jimmy brought Winslow over on Sunday and the kids got to meet him.  At first, they were all TERRIFIED of the dog.  Not sure why because for the first year and three months, we had two dogs of our own!  It took them a few hours to be within ten feet of them without freaking out.  When they finally did get comfortable enough they were very sweet and petted him and loved on him.  Kate and Addi went so far as giving him kisses.

On a side note, we FINALLY have somewhere that we can eat as a family together!!!  My mom was kind enough to trade with us and we have a small round table that all five of us can fit at and eat together!!!  We have a formal dining room, but it is just not very convenient to eat dinner at because its not attached to the kitchen.  It was so nice to sit down and have Sunday dinner as a family!

Addi giving sugars to Winslow

Trioux Table!

Finally eating dinner as a family!

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