Wednesday, July 13, 2011



The Trioux went swimming and I did the tourist thing!  Tacki Jacks is one of the must go to places while in Orange Beach.  To be honest, the food is not all that great, but the atmosphere and location are the BEST!  It is right across the bay from the Perdido Pass, so you get to see all the charter boats and pleasure boats going by.  There is a huge dock so there are always plenty of boats moored up for lunch and dinner.   I was craving some oysters for lunch and it made sense to go there.  Lunch consisted of four dozen raw oysters and a pound of fried gator tails!  YUM!!!  All washed down with some cold draft beer!  After lunch, we went back to the condo and hit up the lazy river again!

The Trioux went to the grandparents neighbors pool for a little swimming action on a hot July afternoon.  Kate and Addi are our little water babies.  Jack, not so much.  Apparently, he wouldn't leave the steps for the first few days and would tend to freak out when put in the pool.  They said he got over it a little bit, but still was not as comfortable as the girls.

Swimming lessons with Grammy

The view from our table at Tacki Jacks

Shirts for Jack and I

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