Monday, July 18, 2011



This weekend, the Trioux got to go to their first Birthday Pool Party!  Needless to say, they absolutely LOVED it!  It was at the city pool here in Oneonta.  They have a little kiddie pool section that was perfect for them.  It has a soft spongy surface so its easy on them when they fall.  It has a zero entry section and at its deepest point is only 1ft deep.  Once they got used to it, they were right at home.  There is also a frog slide that's about four feet tall.  It took them a little while and a lot of motivation, but once they did it once, they didn't want to stop.  I wish I would have been able to get a picture of them going down it, but I was helping them up and down.  We will definitely bring them back here again.

We did have one VERY embarrassing moment while we were at the pool party.  Since we started putting the Trioux in the water, Jack has for some reason or another developed a very bad and nasty habit.  Every now and then, he will poop while he is in the water!  Not sure if it is pure coincidence and that its just his time to go, or if it is something that he does on purpose.  Needless to say, when he stepped out of the pool and walked to me dripping brown water, I was MORTIFIED!  Crystal was even more embarrassed than I was because she had to change him!  Next time we go to the pool, we will bring backup swimmers and bathing suits.

Nana and the Trioux

They love pizza!

Everyone getting used to it.

Jack did this forever

Just lounging

Kate came very close to jumping in on her own.

Kate and River, the Birthday Boy!

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