Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wonderful yet different Christmas

There were a lot of different emotions this year for Christmas. It was not quite the Christmas that I always had in my mind, but we made the most of it and had a great time anyway. It was just a little strange with all the packing we had to do and the few decorations they were actually put up this year. Of course the Trioux really had no idea what was going on, but they seemed to enjoy the time as well.

I was off work Thursday and my mom came into town that night. I decided to go ahead and take the Trioux to daycare on Thursday so that we could run a bunch of errands and get everything ready for Christmas for the Trioux. We got all our errands done, including grocery shopping, and we even had sushi for lunch! What a great Christmas Eve Eve!

Friday was a pretty crazy day! Last year we started a tradition that we wanted to stick to this year, because we are not sure if we will be able to do it again! We got the Trioux up and I fixed a big breakfast for everyone. After we ate, we got the Trioux down for a quick nap and got ready for the day. After their nap, we got them dressed and headed out to go get their picture taken with Santa. Christmas Eve pictures with Santa are so much easier than other times of the season. We always get there early, when he first gets there, and we can get in and out in no time! After Santa pictures, we took them for their first Mexican lunch. We had a blast and made a huge mess! I don’t know about some of you other triplet parents with toddlers, but I seem to tip so much better when we take the Trioux out to eat only because we feel so guilty about the HUGE mess we leave!!!! Later that afternoon, after a long nap, we took the Trioux to their Paw-Paw’s apartment to open presents with him. This was the first time they have been to his place and they had a blast! The rest of the evening, after they went to bed, was spent with me running back and forth from the grocery store, and the pizza place in two separate trips!!!

Early on we decided to keep everything very low-key and not spend a whole bunch of money on Christmas because of the impending move and all, but try telling that to grandparents. They didn’t go overboard, but it was fun to see all the things they got them. Paw-Paw got them a weeble toy, a race track toy and best of all a Buzz Lightyear ride on toy! All three can make it go forward, but it is going to take a little while to learn to steer it (video to follow later). Nana got them some baby dolls, a stroller for their dolls, some purses for the girls and a Chrismoose for Jack. They also got some more books and an art easel for later, and a toy laptop and CD player.

Minus all of the stress of trying to pack up a house and move with three toddlers, this was a very enjoyable Christmas. I wish that Papa Keith and Grammy could have been there, but we will all be together this weekend moving! Truck will be here Tuesday and we will be moving in on Wednesday.

On a side note, as of this afternoon, I will officially be unemployed! I will be a part of the “no longer economically viable” category of society. Next stop, Stay At Home Dad! At least for the short term.

Without further delay, here are some random pictures from the holiday weekend. I am still waiting for the Santa picture to be emailed to me. I must take a lot of time to get back to the north pole and send a simple e-mail!

"Why aren't we going anywhere"
"what did I do?"

Jack and Kate checking out the Tree

Kate and Daddy

The Gang

Addi "little bit"

My little Man

Jack Jack

Addi not quite sure she wants to be up there.

Sweet Kate

Kate being silly

This was the best picture I had of this. Jack with his new winter hat on!

The Big Green Egg Christmas Bird

The Christmas Set-up

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  1. Glad y'all had a good Christmas, despite the chaos. I know that feeling well. : ) I love the girls' striped cute!

    Good luck with your move!!