Monday, December 20, 2010

Crazy twists and turns that life takes you

Six years ago if you would have asked me if I would ever leave Birmingham to go back to south Alabama, I would have told you that you would have to drag me kicking and screaming to go back there!!! Well, Crystal’s work brought us back down here six years ago and surprisingly enough I was not kicking and screaming. Four years ago if you would have asked me if I would ever think of leaving the golf business, I would have told you not a chance! Too much free golf and too much fun times! Low and behold, the all mighty dollar and the quality of life got the best of me and I got into industrial sales. If you would have asked me three years ago if I thought I would have triplets, I would have probably told you to jump off a bridge somewhere! As you all know, these three little people are the highlight of my life and do now know what I would do without them! Lastly, if you would have asked me a year ago that we would be selling our first home and moving to a place where the county population is smaller than the population of the city that we live it, I would have told you not in a MILLION years! Well, that is happening RIGHT now! That is one of the reasons for the lack of updates over the last few weeks.

Crystal has been offered a wonderful opportunity that would really do a lot to help further her career and also allow her more time to spend with the Trioux and myself. In two weeks we will be moving the small but lovely town of Oneonta Alabama. It is about thirty minutes northeast of Birmingham, nestled right between two small mountains. It is a beautiful little place and we are looking forward to raising the Trioux in a smaller, slower paced community. We have found a great house to rent for the time being with plenty of space and a lot of acreage. I think our closest neighbor is a mile away. It is going to be lots of peace and quiet. We will be close enough to Birmingham that we won’t really miss that much.

Scariest thing is that as of right now, I don’t have anything firm as far as a job goes. It is rather stressful, but I am sure that something will come up. I have a few leads and should be able to find something after the first of the year, but until then, it looks like I might be a stay at home dad for a little bit. We will figure it out!

Can I just tell you how much I am NOT looking forward to moving with three toddlers!!!!!!! Hopefully if all goes as planned the movers will pack their truck one day and be able to deliver it the next so that we only have to spend one day in a hotel/motel (more emphasis on motel).

I think the worst part about this whole move and relocation is the effect it has had on our Christmas celebration. Part of me is very happy that the kids are so young and don’t quite fully understand everything about Christmas yet, but the other wishes we could have a more traditional Christmas celebration. I used to be like Clark W. Griswald and decorated EVERYTHING!!!! This year however, all we put up are the wreaths on the outside and a small tree, not much bigger than the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. We decided as a family, both sides, that instead of getting presents and spending a bunch of money on present, we would concentrate on the move and helping out with that. Our parents have come through so much for us and have helped us pay for this move so we can concentrate on getting settled in. We will forever be grateful to them!

One thing this scaled down Christmas has made me realize is just how important the small things are in life. It has really made me cherish all of the time that we get to spend with our family and made me understand the importance of family! This move is going to put us within two and a half hours of Crystal’s parents house (used to be five plus). My mom, as soon as she can find a job close to Oneonta, is going to more there too and my dad, whenever his lease runs up at his apartment, is going to move there as well! All of the Trioux’s grandparents will be VERY close to them while they are growing up! I could not ask for anything better.

I can’t say when my next update will be, but please bear with us and say a little prayer for us over the next few weeks that everything goes smooth. I will try and at the very least get some pictures loaded during this time. Until then, have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year! Remember the reason for the season! God Bless!

Our 2010 Christmas Tree

They are getting SO BIG!

Jack loves daddy's hat

Sweet Little Addi

Jack Man

Addi loves to play with her tongue now

Climber Kate
Kate is Queen of the Castle

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