Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Up to no good!

Just a few random pictures my mom took this morning. We are getting ready to spend Thanksgiving in beautiful Senoia Ga with her parents. Everyone will be up there this year. We are looking forward to it so much. The Trioux will actually be able to enjoy their first Thanksgiving feast! We leave in a little while and there is SO much to do before we do.
Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please remember to share what you have with someone who doesn't. Please be safe and enjoy the holidays. I will try and get an update in with our adventure. Enjoy!!!
Kate just looks like she is up to something!
Who needs toys when you have totes!

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  1. So cute! When my boys saw me looking at your site, they thought it was pictures of them. LOL!

    Stopping by from Multiples and More :)