Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Overdue update (just random thoughts)...

The last time I made an entry, I said I was going to post the color photos in a few days, and regrettably, I have not had time to do this yet. Things have been really hectic around here the last few weeks, for obvious reasons, and for other reasons that I really can’t get into right now. Some of you that read this blog regularly know what I am referring to so I will fill in the rest of you at another time. Let’s just say that there are going to be some changes coming in our near future. NO WE ARE NOT PREGNANT!!! Just thought I would get that out of the way.

The kids are doing so well right now. They are learning so much and starting to do so much on their own. It is so much fun to watch them learn new things and try new things out. I am amazed everyday at how big they are getting and how independent they are getting as well. All three are finally walking!!! Kate was the first to start taking steps on her own just after their first birthday. Addi was next a few weeks earlier. Brother, not so much! He didn’t even start crawling on his hands and knees until the week of their birthday! Up until that point, he was army crawling everywhere. Jack finally started walking about two weeks ago. Needless to say things are so much different now! It is so much fun to be a part of, but at the same time, it is the most exhausting thing in the world!

Everyone is now eating the same foods we are. It is so much fun watching them experience new foods. The three of them do have different tastes and tendencies when it comes to food. Jack is what we call our carbivore. All he wants is CARBS!!! His favorites include pancakes, grilled cheese, crackers, cookies, mashed potatoes and anything else that is a carbs. He will turn his nose up at meats sometimes so we have to hide them in his carbs. He likes to feed himself, but doesn’t mind being fed with a spoon. Kate on the other hand, DOES NOT like to be fed by a spoon! She wants to feed herself and not use any help. Every now and then you can distract her with something in her hand and get her to eat from the spoon, but you have to be very careful. She is probably the most balanced when it comes to what she likes. She likes it all, but eats less than the other two, even though she is the tallest. Addi is a whole other story! She is the smallest, both in size and weight, but she out eats the other two hands down. She is not big on carbs, but LOVES her meat!! She would rather eat a chicken nugget than grilled cheese any time.

Two weeks ago, we had to go up to Birmingham to take care of some business. We used the opportunity to as a little getaway for just the two of us. We shipped the Trioux off to Crystal’s parent’s house in Georgia, and got up real early Friday morning to make the trip up there. I forgot how beautiful it was up there during the fall. Before we got married, Crystal went to law school up there and I finished my undergrad up there too. We loved it up there and forgot how pretty it really is. We had to go to a little town just north of the city called Oneonta. We spent most of the day there before heading back to Birmingham, Homewood to be exact. We treated ourselves to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for dinner since we were staying at the hotel it was in and had a great date night. The next day, we went and had coffee at our favorite local coffee joint and just enjoyed the morning.

While we were up there we were able to finally meet up with one of our fellow bloggers/triplet families, the Lees (Three Lees in a Pod plus the little Sprout, Bald Guy in Plaid Pants). We went to their house just before lunch and got to meet three of the cutest and sweetest kids I have ever met. They are simply adorable and so very well behaved. It was so amazing how much our kids are alike! We both have two girls and a boy and their personalities are VERY similar. We even got to meet the adorable newest addition to their family, Penelope. We had a great time. Gary cooked up some monster burgers for us and we just sat and talked for hours! What a great time! Thanks Gary and Heather. We will be doing that again soon!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed this little update. I got a little long winded and a little random with my thoughts, but that’s what keeps it fun! Enjoy some of the color photos from the photo shoot as I don’t have any new pictures on my phone right now. I am sure I will have some good ones from our Thanksgiving Feast in Georgia.

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