Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Black and White

It has been a very long last few weeks so I am going to keep this a little short as I am not really in the mood to make a big update. The last two to three weeks we have done nothing but fight off stomach bugs! Between the Trioux and us, it has been a long and difficult struggle!!! I think we have finally rounded the corner for now and everyone seems to be feeling better.

After their first birthday we really wanted to have some good professional pictures taken of the kids and the family so we could have them for years to come. Mind you, I think these kids could give the Kardashians a run for their money on how much they have been photographed since they were born! I could probably fill up many a hard drives with all the ones that have been taken, but there was always something missing in all of these pictures… THE ENTIRE FAMILY, both sets of grandparents and their only aunt. It was very important to me to have all that. One of my friends from college offered from day one to do the pictures and I do not regret it AT ALL!!! She was wonderful with the kids and did a great job. If anyone lives in this area, they really need to look her up.


Without further delay, here are some of the black and whites that she did. I will post the color ones in a few days. Enjoy!!


  1. Awesome photos!!! I love them all!

  2. Aw - great pictures!! I'm so glad to see everyone doing well :)

  3. love love love it!!!! They are by far the cutest in the land, well worth the money and time. You will never get those moments back. Hope everyone is feeling better!! best wishs