Friday, March 5, 2010

Chili Cook-Off

Two weeks ago Crystal’s parents came into town for a long weekend. They got here late on a Wednesday and stayed until Monday morning. We have a pretty good time when they come into town and this weekend was no exception. A typical Skantz weekend involves Crystal and I getting some much needed extra sleep and spoiled babies! Keith and I also love to grill on the Big Green Egg, drink good beer, and partake in a good cigar. We do this just about every night they are in town. So much fun! This time we did steaks on Thursday, took a break Friday for lent and had homemade shrimp etoufee. Saturday we did steaks again and Sunday did pork spare ribs and sausage. Good eats!
Ribs and Sausage! YUM!

On Saturday, we decided to load the kids up and take them to their first outdoor festival, the Baldwin County Chili for Charity Cook-off. I must say, the kids did great and we had a blast. They did great! They slept a little off and on, but overall stayed awake the whole time. The Addi was awake the whole time and just talked her little head off. Jack was hamming it up flirting with any woman that walked by and Kate just chewed on her fingers the whole time. The fun part was watching the other people’s reaction. Sometimes that is the most fun part of taking them out in public settings. We only stayed for an hour or two because we didn’t want to over do it for the babies. We got them home and fed and they laid down for a pretty long nap. What a fun day.

Trioux Limoux @ The Chili for Charity





As the weekend came to a close, I started to feel pretty bad and felt like I was coming down with something. My throat was feeling swollen and I felt a little feverish. When I woke up Monday, I was downright sick! I stayed home from work and slept all day. I am so glad we have Tammy so that I was able to quarantine myself in the bedroom so I didn’t get the babies sick. I didn’t go back to work until Thursday I felt so bad. Then we had their 6 month check up on Friday so I missed half a day Friday. I worked a grand total of one and a half days that week, and then Tammy got sick the following Monday so I had to stay home with the kids. Thankfully during all of that sickness none of the babies got it!!!

I know, I am a bad daddy! I had to put it somewhere! LOL

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