Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Half Year!!!

On Sunday the 28th, the Trioux turned 6 months old! WOW! What a fast half of a year. It only seems like yesterday that Crystal was laid up in the hospital growing these little babies. We have come a long way since then and have become old pro’s at this! Yea Right! We are having the best time of our lives! I would not trade our lives for anything. Everyone asks “How do you do it?” My two best answers are, “You just do” and “We don’t know any better!”

Friday the 26th was their 6 month pediatrician visit. I took off half a day and so did Crystal so that we could go together. Tammy also went with us to help out. The doctor said the kids are doing AMAZING! They are growing just like they should and developing just like they should be doing. She said that we still need to take into account their prematurity, but it is becoming less and less of a factor. They are really starting to catch up on their actual ages. From day one, we really have not worried too much about their “adjusted” age. They are going to develop at their own pace is they way that we have looked at it. If they are a little behind SO WHAT! They will catch up and so far they have. The doctor did not really have any concerns except that they all seem to have very dry skin and she told us to stop bathing them once a day. Since we did that, Jack’s skin looks GREAT!!! Overall it was a great visit, except for the shots! Addi actually did the best and was the first to stop crying.

Trioux Up To Date Facts and Stats:

Addi: 14 lbs @ 24” (15%)
Addi is doing much better with her reflux. I really think that over the last few weeks she has turned a corner and is not as affected as she used to be. She is not spitting up like she used too, and she is not as fussy as she used too. She is still having a hard time sleeping through the night since we took her out of the miracle blanket. She tends to wake up starving hungry once a night. She is still trying to roll over from her back to tummy but can’t quite get her arm out of the way. She is hold her head very steady and can sit up against the back of the couch pretty well. She still loves her swing and sleeps in it quite a bit. She is probably our worst spoon feeder so far. She loves all the food she tries, but still has not learned to open her mouth for the spoon. You have to sneak it in there. She is very bright and inquisitive. She is always looking around checking out her environment and knows when someone enters the room. She is our most talkative now. She experiments with her sounds a lot.

Jack: 15.75 lbs @ 24” (1%)
Jack is our short little chunker. He is relatively quiet but when you get him laughing it is the funniest thing to hear and watch. He loves to sit in his highchair when I am in the kitchen doing something. He has the cutest smile when you look at him. Overall he is a pretty happy baby, but when he is unhappy you will know it! He does great rolling over from his back to his tummy, so much so that lately he has been sleeping on his tummy in his crib. He has not learned that he can go from tummy to back easier so when he does get on his tummy he tends to whine about it until you flip him over. Since we quit giving them baths every night and we started to use some different cream, his skin has done AMAZING! It looks great. He no longer looks like Bill Clinton with the red chapped cheeks. He is a little better than Addi with the spoon. He loves his food though. It is kinds funny though, when you first dump it in his mouth, he will look at you with this funny grin like “what am I supposed to do with this?” He eventually swallows it. His favorite food is apple sauce. You would think that stuff was baby crack! He LOVES IT! Here lately he absolutely loves his Baby Einstein jumper! He will sit in there forever and jump and bounce. He is such a happy little man.

Kate: 14 lbs @ 24.5” (16%)
Kate by far is the most easy going laid back baby I have ever met. She is teething so bad right now, but when you look at her, she will give you the biggest grin she can (fingers in mouth included). She was the first to roll from back to tummy. She did it for two days until we actually witnessed it. We call her the ninja baby! She is very crafty and fast. She will probably be the first to crawl. While on her tummy, you can see the parts moving, but she can’t quite get then all together to move. She can inch her way a little bit at a time though. She is also the one who with out fail sleeps through the night. We put her down to bed and won’t hear a peep out of her until the next morning. She is so self sufficient. She is also hands down the best spoon eater. She will open her mouth wide when you get the spoon close to her mouth. She loves it. She can almost eat and entire jar of apples on her own! She is very close to sitting up on her own. She is always trying to lean forward and sit up.

So far they have all tried peaches, bananas, pears, apples and sweet taters. Their favorite by far has been the apples. Like I said before, that stuff is baby crack! They can’t get enough. We have started making our own food a little, but we are using the store bought organic stuff while we introduce the foood to them. Once we know there are no allergies, we will start making our own. I would rather make it fresh than give it to them from a jar.

Well, until next time. I think 4 blog entries in one day are enough. Now for their 6 month photo shoot with my mom.
Six Month Trioux




Addi and Ping

Jack and Ping

Kate and Ping


  1. those are great pics!!! and kate and addi look just alike to me! i can't believe how much they are eating. blaise HATES to eat w/ a spoon. he still is mostly a milk man. ;-) they are growing up way too fast... :(

  2. They just keep getting cuter and cuter!! Those milestones are so fun!! I can't wait to hear when they are mobile...then the fun really starts :)

  3. Your trio is adorable!!! We got the inset chairs for our triplet table from
    but here is also another option
    Good luck!
    The Huses

  4. Oh, these three and soooooo cute! It's good to see that they are growing so well. I remember apples being a huge hit with my kids, too. Making vats of your own applesause is a good idea - you'll need it. You guys are doing a fabulous job.