Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Months!!!

It is very hard to believe that the Trioux are now five months old. It seems like yesterday we were still living in the hospital trying to stretch for each and every day. The last five months have simply flown by. Looking back it is just a blur. I have been trying very hard to enjoy every minute that I can because they will never be at this stage again, but sometimes I am guilty of thinking to myself, “I can’t wait until they can…” Well, now they are starting to… It is so amazing how much they change each and every day. Not anything major, but just subtle changes in their behavior and learned movements. As I have said before, all three are doing things very differently and at different paces.

Kate is still leading the way vocally, but all three are “talking” up a storm. Jack has really started to become more talkative over the last few weeks. Addi on the other hand has been the one to experiment more with her “talking.” She seems to be the one that will say the first word. She has really been working on her vowels pretty well and seems to have the biggest “vocabulary,” if that is at all possible.

All three are turning from stomach to back pretty well. Addi is a little slower than the other two. She gets more pissed off than anything else when on her tummy. Kate is definitely the most determined one to roll, but I think Jack will be the first to roll from back to stomach. He just can’t seem to put all the parts together to accomplish it. Kate on the other hand is definitely going to be the first to crawl. She has the movements to do it and has been able to scoot a little, but just can’t piece it all together to move.

We are now on a four hour schedule with all three eating at least 6-8 ounces per feeding. They are also on rice cereal twice a day after their mid day bottles. We have also started them on bananas as well. Jack was the first to take the spoon with any regularity. Kate was slow to take it, but once we added the bananas, she was all about it (girl after daddy’s heart). Just in the last week Addi has started to show some interest in eating from the spoon. At first she HATED it!!! We are pleased with their progress so far on the solid foods.

Now onto our poor little Addi. She has had a pretty rough time over the last month or so. Her reflux has really started to act up. Poor thing is in so much pain sometimes it almost brings me to tears. No matter how she is held, she cries. It is not all the time, but when it comes be prepared. The only thing that seems to soothe her is her swing. I did get the ok from her doctor yesterday to increase her Zantac, so hopefully that will help. She is the sweetest and most adorable thing but when she gets going, she sounds like a pissed off cat!!!

Now on to what you came here for… The pictures.
Addi, Jack, Kate (5 months)

Addi, Jack, Kate (5 months)

Our newly renovated dining room.

Feeding time at the ZOO! Test driving our new highchairs.

Wathcing our 2nd team, The Cowboys (Thanks PawPaw)

The whole crew looking sharp (Kate, Jack, Addi)

Such sweet sisters (Kate & Addi)

Addi and Kate getting ready for a day on the town

Big Daddy Jack

Sweet little Addi

Addi "Trust me, my moms a lawyer"

Jack "Trust me, my moms a lawyer"

Kate "Trust me, my moms a lawyer"

Addi passed out after one of her reflux fits

Finally, the most pitiful face (took 4 months to get this picture)


  1. they are really growing!!! we are hoping to come visit soon!!!

  2. Wow, they are getting so big!! Can you believe how fast the time flies? They are all so sweet, but that last picture is priceless!

  3. They are looking so good. Thanks for the update.

  4. You can see their cute little personalities coming out! So cute. It looks like the little man has darker hair and a wonderful cowlick (spelling?) in front. I love their cute chubby cheeks! Your doing a great job,as always I love to see updates!!