Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Geaux Saints!

Last week had the potential to be a very long week at the casa de Boudreaux. Without going into to much detail, Crystal is what we would call a public official. She has a pretty stressful job, but one that she loves. Under normal circumstances, she leaves the house when I do, about 7:00 and is home shortly after I get home, about 5:30. For about a week and a half of every other month, Crystal has to work some very long hours. In the past, before the Trioux came along, it was no big deal at all! It just meant that I had to eat alone and chill with the dogs. Well, now that we have three infants everything is a little tougher. What makes it even worse is their schedule. Their bath time is at 7:00, with feeding following that and they are in bed no later than 8:00. Well, with her crazy work week, it had the potential of being a VERY long week for me! I was fully prepared to do everything by myself. Well, as it turns out, Monday was the only day that I had to bathe them by myself. All other nights Crystal was able to get home just in time for bathing, albeit extremely exhausted. I am so proud of Crystal for how hard she works and is still able to come home and take care of the kids. She is my hero!

The weekend went pretty well. We had a great time hanging out with the kids. Saturday, I took little man Jack around with me to run errands. It is VERY strange taking one baby with you. I am sure some of you other triplet parents experienced this early on as well. When you take three somewhere, you might as well be carrying a neon sign that says “HEY LOOK AT US, WE ARE THE CIRCUS SIDESHOW!!” I am not going to lie, taking one baby out makes you miss the attention some what. When you have one, nobody really gives you a second look. Last weekend we took the babies to Publix with us and had a ball. We were the talk of the store! When we went to check out, we had one of the baggers actually come up and unload our cart onto the conveyor and then load our cart back up. She then followed us out to the car and unloaded all the groceries into the Tahoe! I don’t think that would have happened if I just had Jack with me! LOL!

Then came Superbowl Sunday!!! This year we decided to not have a party at all. I wanted to cheer on my Saints and watch the game in peace. I made a pot of chili, some Rotel dip, and stocked the fridge with some Abita Amber. My dad came over and we had a blast watching the game. This is the first year that I can actually say I saw the ENTIRE game and all the commercials. It worked out perfectly! In fact, bath time came at half time so I didn’t have to watch the AWFUL performance of The Who! In the end I almost woke up the babies screaming and hollering at the Saints actually winning the Superbowl!!! I had the Boudreaux Trioux yelling “Geaux Saints!”

Now to some pics from the week:
Jack going with daddy to run errands (he is such a ham)

Camera hog Jack

Addi loves her jumper

Another Addi jumper

"Lean on me, when your not strong"

Big Girl Kate

Watching mommy and daddy act silly

Starting to sit like big babies (sorry for the blurr, best one I could find)

Kate - She is trying to get those knees under her

Gaggle of Babies??

Circle of Babies


  1. They're adorable! Getting so big! I totally know what you mean about how it's really odd just taking one kid out...you definitely feel like something's missing.

  2. Aw! I can't believe how big they are! They are adorable!

  3. So cute! I can't imagine the fun you guys have at your house. And even though I only have twins, it is very weird going out with just one. I love the alone time with that one child, but sometimes I feel like I should tell everyone that she's a twin (like I'm keeping a secret). Oh, and WHO DAT?!?