Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yet another doctor

Today we had one of the doctor visits that I really was not looking forward to. It was the downs syndrome test visit. In the beginning, we were not sure if we were even going to get this test done, but at our last visit with Dr. Thorneycroft, he basically said we HAD to do it. Since we really trust his judgement, we went thru with it. We both decided that we would not put a whole lot of stock in the outcome because it really does not matter. Whatever God gives us, we will LOVE whole hearted.

It started out with a visit with a genetic counselor. She told us all about the test that we had to go thru and what it means. They could not do a simple blood test, they had to do a level 3 ultrasound and measure the back of the neck for each baby. We got to see some great pictures of the babies and they looked GREAT!! All three had great heartbeats and were exactly at 13 weeks and 3 days in measurement.

We met with Dr. Dobak from Sacred Heart in Pensacola after the ultrasound. He is a high risk internal fetal doctor, basically a perinatologist. He was great. Very informative and answered a lot of the questions that we had. Stuff like pre-term labor, weight gain, how long we need to carry, so on and so forth. We will have another appointment with him on May 12th and we will start measuring her cervix and we will talk more about what we will have to do going forward. We both really like him and look forward to him helping us.


  1. so when do you get the test results? or did they determine that they are all really healthy kiddos?

  2. We should get the results sometime next week. They did say that by their measurements, there is a VERY TINY chance of downs, almost no chance. We are very thankful of that!

  3. Great news!! Keep the updates coming since I can now keep up with you guys this way!