Thursday, September 8, 2011



When we got up Sunday morning, we checked the weather forecast and it wasn't real good for the afternoon, so after breakfast, we took the Trioux to the local park and let them run wild!  We had so much fun and I can't wait to take them back there again!

It's a race up the climbing wall!

It took her a little while to get the courage to go through the tunnel.

Addi was the first to climb up the slide and go down.


It's a race!

Headed down to Grammy!

What a big girl!

Jack would only go down on his stomach.

Jack was a little unsure on the swing bridge.

He eventually made it across.

He looks so small on this playground.

Daddy and Jack having a good time.

Kate had a great time!

She had so much fun going down.

Jack is not a fan of the swings!

Kate did great on the swings, until mommy pushed her a little too high!

Addi had mixed feelings about the swings.

Jack checking it out.

Silly Kate.

She is getting so big!


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