Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Rather than bore you with a bunch of talk about the Trioux's birthday party, I will just let the pictures do the talking.  I would like to thank the Lees for bringing over their triplets to enjoy in the fun.  We had a great time and so did the Trioux.

When they woke up from their nap, they knew something was going on.  When Kate spotted the balloons and the rest was history.  She was so excited!

Candy Theme Cake

Individual Trioux smash cakes

The spread

Addi is really starting to look like a little girl.

Kate tearing into her lunch.

Jack wearing his lunch.

They were a little intimidated by their cakes.

Jack was the most timid, unlike last year.

Kate picked hers apart.

Addi was just so excited, she didn't know where to begin.

Our 2-year family picture!

Kate's cake - AFTER

Jack's cake - AFTER

Addi's cake - AFTER

Time for the loot!

They really got into tearing the paper after a little while.

Kate was so excited every time she opened something new.

New computers from Papaw.

Learning tools.


Very heavy on the Elmo theme.

What a GREAT day!!!

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  1. what a wonderful party! i sure hate we missed it. :( time is flying by. love yall.